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Few weeks back I have started moderating all the comments, sadly, and added an extra math challenge that you have to pass before being able to post on my blog. I did not include any advanced math nor Laplace, but it’s just to increase the IQ of people posting in my blog to a limit of a decent human being. Sadly, I never wanted to do this, but I started getting over 40 spam posts in 10 minutes!. As an apology, and also a thank for people who do still pass all the tests, I have removed the NoFollow attribute from user comments. So now:
rel=’external nofollow’ => rel=’external’

So what is NoFollow? and why did I remove it? NoFollow was presented to fight spam. People tend to post their site link everywhere they can to increase their site popularity, and blogosphere is the best place for it. NoFollow is embedded automatically with visitor comments, to tell search engines like Google, this link came from a comment to a post and is not an out going link from me. Since I am moderating each and every comment, and all comments appearing on my site are legitimate, I figured there is no harm at all in giving commenter his right of link. So enjoy visitors, now your comment values for more. Special thanks to DoFollow plugin.

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  • Evil Knievel

    Your verification is way easier to use then the letter stuff in blogspot… :)

  • Bashar

    Sadly you’re right. Captcha (letter stuff) is supposed to stop computer programs from reading it, but it’s doing a great job stopping humans as well.

  • Randa Clay

    Want to tell everyone that you’ve turned off the nofollow in your comments? Check out my new “ifollow” logos- grab one for your sidebar!

  • Kroms

    Captcha is only annoying when it’s … over-difficult. Like on TTG’s website. That’s a nightmare.

  • Bashar

    Randa: Thanks. I might add it to the comment section.

    Kroms: The worst I noticed was blogspot really. Surprisingly, Google hired the guy behind captcha, who is developing more advanced ideas now, like name this picture, e.g. ball, cat, kroms (whatever kroms is ;))

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  • Kroms

    A picture of Kroms? The sheer potential makes my eyes water with —

    No, no. Bad idea. The ladies wouldn’t be able to stand it.

    The idea is really good, but some people … I mean sometimes people will have difficulty. If the picture is sometimes labelled …

  • Kroms

    The last paragraph is referring to the updated Captcha.

  • Bashar

    Don’t worry… like people who can’t read and listen instead, there will be an option: “Can’t stand it? click here” and then they will see any ordinary picture ;)


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