PS3 Green Light On and System Won’t Start

I had this weird problem yesterday knowing I have not done any video setting changes, nor recall a pending software installation. When I start the PS3, green light comes up and then nothing happens. Insert the Game into the slot, blue light blinks and again nothing happens. No video, no sound, and no, it’s not output setting problem as many others have guessed in forums. Try to assign your wireless controller and you’ll know. It doesn’t. If it was on, output and controller assigning I assume should be two separate things.


I was hoping for some reason it’s replaceable hardware failure rather than software one in a closed box like this. I didn’t know about the system restore feature.


  1. With the PS3 in Standby mode (Red light on), press and hold the Start button until you hear a single beep, followed by double beeps.
  2. Connect the controller using USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.
  3. Now, the system restore screen (or whatever they call it) will come up like this

  4. You have several options here for restoring the system, some will unfortunately wipe up all your data, others will make you lose the file naming. For me, I tried the option top-bottom and eventually had to do the Restore PS3 System. Luckily, all I had were demos, trailers, and game saves. only game I was really playing now was Prince of Persia. I felt terrible still though, but much better than if I was playing Ninja Gaiden or MGS right? Or let’s say a game Fallout!

Sharing it for others with same misfortune. Guess we’ll need the PS3 included in the backup plan then.

UPDATE: Alan is suggesting a better solution in the comments that I did not get to test my self, but see if it helps.

“I have found a way to keep all your saved data with this problem.
Follow the steps above but first download the latest firmware update from the playstation website and save it onto a USB key. Follow the steps and choose the bottom option “SYSTEM UPDATE”. Wait for it to update and it should restart with all your music, videos and gamesaves.”

Thanks Alan and everyone else who contributed in the comments.

UPDATE: This simple post keeps getting better with contributions by you guys, thanks a lot for you all. This is a very helpful link with videos to fix the PS3 Yellow Light of Death. Thanks banditopeepuk for the link.

UPDATE 2: So many people are still facing similar issues, and I’m sorry if this suggested solution does not help all of you. Please try the comments below as there are plenty of other tips that might help. Michael pointed out the PS3 controller reset button I didn’t know about. Hope that helps.

NOTICE: To better help identify the problem, it is better if you specify your PS3 version, model, and year of manufacture. E.g, PoS3/40 GB, Manufactured Sept 2007. Thanks Amediar for the tip.

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  • Anonymous

    I actually just unplugged my machine and hooked it up to a different tv and it was working just fine thank god!!!!

  • P

    PS3 comes on and stays on with the Green power light staying on but does not send an image to the TV via HDMI or regular A/V. The processer light (little orange light that blinks at the bottom) does not blink except twice (about 5-10 secs apart) when I turn it on and once when I turn it off. Any ideas?

  • SteelBlade

    This is where my troubleshooting stopped…I did the double beep, controller reset, eject button, and still nothing on the display. BTW i have the 60G fat PS3.

    However I am 100% certain it is not a video issue, do u know why? ….Because I saw something about removing the harddisk, which I did. Once it was removed and I went through the two beep steps, the display showed “Cannot Start. The hard disk is not available.” (something similar). So Idon’t have a display/video issue, otherwise I would not see this error.

    Just another wrinkle to the original problem that I hope someone has ran into or tried and have since found a solution for it.

    Has anyone tried this and did you figure out what the problem is?

  • Oyunu

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  • Dominique

    um… simply because the ps3 has AV and HDMI, when it is on HDMI you cannot play it on AV, you can simply change from one to another through holding on the power button when you start it for a bit long until it changes from AV to HDMI or other way.

    try that before u restore settings as last resort ;p


  • SteelBlade

    Sorry Dominique, THAT IS NOT THE SOLUTION. =)

    Let me clarify. I am getting GLOD, and through all the different methods to try and get the reset menu screen, I can’t. I’ve tried each method multiple times.

    It’s not about reset it once to have AV or reset it again to have HDMI. It does not display anything period! ….BUT, when I take out the harddisk, it will display “Cannot Start….” ….that is y I am certain it’s not a video issue, but I don’t know what the issue is.

    That is the wrinkle of which I refered to in an earlier post that no-one has seem to experience.

    Anyone else have any ideas?

  • Salih Sanlioglu

    well folks, there has to be a disk (a cd) inside PS3 otherwise you won’t get double beeps when you hold down the button. ss

  • carlos s tulsa ok

    who ever said the reset button on the ps3 controller would reset the ps3 was right i was able to reset a ps3 i paid 35 bucks for thanks so much guys another cheap buy from my local pawn shop who couldnt fix it thanks again !!!!!!

  • Glenn1er

    HELLO. I am having all the problems from OP. ok, my ps3 is on standby, I turn it on, holding the button. 3 beeps spaced out then it switches off. trying again, 1 beep, another beep, then 2 beeps, still nothing, I plugged my controller in, its flashing (charging) nothing else happens. please help. ive tried holding the both eject and power button and still nothing. no restore screen. I rang up ps3 (Australia) and they said I need a reciept number or something like that. it was a gift from like 3 years ago so that’s gonna be impossible. I’m out of options and really need some help

  • SteelBlade

    Glenn1er, i was having the same issue. Try removing your hard disk. If it behaves like mine, after the going through the whole process, a screen should come up after the double beep.

    I was getting nothing also until I stumbled on to that. At this point I think it’s my hd, so I am in the process of getting a new hd to replace it.

    Hope that helps!

  • addy

    umm. my data has gone corrupt
    which restore action shud i try?

  • Kevin

    Im having the same problems as the OP but i cant get the double beep. Help!

  • Izzy

    I got the same thing but it keeps turning off i got my ps3 when MW3 came out the new ps3 160g. I turn it on and i wait like 30 seconds and then it freezes and then it turns of no red light or YLOD its weird i did go to the secret menu but im scared that my online ranks might restart plz help!!!

  • Bryan

    I am having identical problems to the OP. No video or audio, controllers won’t sync, etc. I have gone through the process to reach restore mode but to no avail; the screen still will not display. Leading up to last night it was hit and miss as to whether it would work or not for about 3 days preceding, and as of last night I have not been able to make it work. Today, I replaced the hard drive and it worked for about 6 hours. Now, new hard drive and everything, I am back to the same issue.
    My PS3 is a 250gb slim. The replacement hard drive is nearly identical to the original; just a different brand. I have replaced a bluray drive, bluray laser, and reflowed the GPU and CPU on my original fat PS3. This one I have yet to take apart; it still has the warranty sticker on it but I doubt it is under warranty.
    Can anybody help me?

  • Anonymous

    so I did exactly what it said to do to reset it and im on the screen like on top. so I moved down to the system update (number 6) and now it’s frozen on that screen and I can’t back out or move anything.

  • Anonymous

    I shut off my system and did it again and tried another option and again it freezes once I click on that option. Don’t know what to do with it now.

  • goran

    ps3 2007 work well but no picture and sound.!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • reezy

    my ps3 mysteriously shut off one night when i woke up and tried to turn it on green light but nothing happened plug in controller nothing happened tried the solution nothing happen help me please

  • Jay

    I have the same problem i think my ps is really stuffed.

    i turn it on and the screen is all garbled and pixleated then just freezes – sometimes boots up to the ‘this ps is corrupted and will try restore thingy menu’ but then freezes and crashes shortly after.

    tried the hard reset multiple times with different video outputs (hdmi and multiout rca)

    and nothing sttill, it does the 3 beep thing and i take my finger off the light stays green but no restore menu / signal.

    please help! :D

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  • farz

    I have same problem but when I hold the turn on button, theres no beeps after 5 seconds the system just turns off. no matter how many times i try it, it still just turns off. thats the only way the ps3 turns off. if i hit the button button while its on, theres no effect. The system wont turn off.

    • Bashar3A

      sorry to hear that. I know there is some reset button on the back of the ps3 controller. You need a needle to press it. Have you tried that?

      • simo2929

        please help my PlayStation 3 has just gone into the black screen off death this is what i believe it is called now.
        i cant get the ps3 onto safe mode i have tried ti reset the video cables and nothing happens.i would hope there is a proper fix by now but no bloody Sony buying cheap parts i hope they have skimped on ps4 lol.

        please also note i have a ps3 phat version.

        i have considered taking the bloody machine apart and doing the heat gun fix on the video chip but need feedback first to see if this is the thing that will fix it,


        • Bashar3A

          well that post really lives!

          were you doing anything when that happened? Did you change tv? Cable? Could it have switched to AV instead of HDMI by mistake?

          • simo2929

            no tried everything different
            av cable
            pressed the power button thing
            no safe mode
            any ideas

          • Bashar3A

            really hate to say it, but sorry, no :(. It’s likely hardware failure. And I’m not the expert in that area

          • simo2929

            I did it I fixed it I reflowed the gpu.
            anybody need it done I am willing to do it for a small fee.
            email me on
   or for any advice.
            well Sony are not getting my 100 plus pounds that’s for sure.
            I am well happy.

          • Bashar3A

            Great! So it was hardware problem then

          • Kino

            I am having problem with my ps3 where there is no video and audio showing. Based on my research I am guessing it is the green light of death. What steps am I to take next?

  • Carlos Hernandez

    I have all the cables secured and it when I boot it up it wont display anything. When I try going into Safe Mode I hear the double beep but nothing happens onscreen. Before I saw something but restoring file system does not help me.

    • Bashar3A

      are you able to do restore file system? Or you simply can’t get anything on the screen? What’s the connection type?

  • ed eichelberger

    mine did this today try the resolution on your tv and you can set the resolution on the playstation itself hope that helps

  • burke

    i cant get my ps3 to go to the screen with the 6 option after the 2 beeps any ideas???

    • Bashar Abdullah

      what happens exactly?

    • simo2929

      reflow the gpu using heat gun

  • cesar

    This doesnt show on my ps3 because it doesn’t how no video or audio please help!!!

    • Bashar Abdullah

      you mean the reset steps don’t work? Don’t want to jump to conclusions, but this might mean hardware failure.

      You didn’t by any chance move the PS3 to different location or change the connection did you?

      • Brandon Alexander

        What happens if you do move it somewere else?

      • Izzy E Cole

        That’s exactly what I did. After I moved the system to another spot it started getting all screwy. All my games work except for any of the GTA games including GTA V which is a brand new game. I should have just left it where it originally was.

      • helpmeps3!

        i did that just on saturday

  • Brandon Alexander

    I did all the steps then it just goes back the part were it gives you suggestions for it and does nothing after its been restored to default.

  • Jonah

    I tried connecting to a hotel and it didn’t then as soon as i leave network settings i went to go play a game and everything disappeared except my background then i pushed the power button then i started up my ps3 and it came to the corrupted file screen and i scanned and it restarted itself and all that pops up now is my background with the screen very dim and i cannot do anything

  • Oscar

    I tried Alan’s suggestion above and it seems to have worked perfectly. Excellent advise

  • Hassan Bachar

    well mine had access to the menu but the problem is that if i press restart or update the ps3 freezes and with all other options the ps3 starts preparations and u can wait until the end of ur days…..

  • Tim Gijbels


    On start, PS3 Green light comes up but nothing happens. No sound or video

    Insert game or any disc into the slot, blue blinks and again nothing happens

    Try to assign wireless controller, nothing happens.

    Try restart the console, unplug it for a while, or keep it on for long time again does not solve the problem.”

    i got this on my 320gb ps3 slim.. did the reset button thing, but still no screen and when i press ps button on controller the 4 red lights go on/out..

    • Roh_Mish

      I have same issue on my ps3 slim. Any developments?
      BTW, this happened today (my WiFi does not reach my living room and I rarely connect my ps3 to internet. Connected if after 8-12 months and updated it to the latest one and then it is not booting up.)
      I reqd that you can try formatting the HDD (it may have been corrupted).

      • Stephen Lucker Kelly

        It’s a faulty button on the ps3, gentle tap near the button when it is turned off, sometimes this helps, not sure why, but when I do it on mine it worked again with this issue. So it’s a faulty power button.

        • Roh_Mish

          Mine was corrupted drive. Connected it to my laptop via an external reader I had lying around an formated it. Reconnected it to ps3 and it did all the work itself.

  • Melissa D Moore

    My PS3 will not start up. The lights are on, but nothing on the screen. I know it is not a connector problem because before all this it was a black screen that told me to update 4. whatever. So I bought a USB flash drive and put the software on it exactly as the directions said on the PS3 site. After the update was complete, my TV screen came up with the video 1 but the PS3 never really restarted. the Green light was still on. Also the Controller does NOTHING, wont even come on. I unplugged the system and then tried to restart it and got the same thing. Green light on but no display and no controller.
    Is this hardware failure?
    please help

    • Melissa D Moore

      and I’ve already tried going into safemode, which is how I updated…NOTHING

      • Melissa D Moore

        Also, I just tried the safe mode option again. The first time I only got 3 single beeps then the system shut off, I tried again right after that and I got the double beep and the lights on the controller started flashing, but still no sound or picture display on the screen.
        Also if I out a disc in the blue light is on…I’ve tried everything I know to try.

        • Jake A

          Mel did u find out how to fix this? my ps3 is doing the EXACT same thing im pretty rattled :/

  • Mark Mullen

    I have a 60gb launch model. Unable to access safe mode (Ive tried religiously, its obviously not working for whatever reason). I ordered new av cables just in case it wasnt going to hdmi. Tried resetting video settings as well. No response from controllers at any point, any never any hint of an image on screen. But it will power up and sit there with a green light.. This happened following a very recent update that made the console restart. Im pretty sure I’m out of luck, should I sell it for parts?

    • Roh_Mish

      Same here. Not booting after update. I just now read that you should try for mating hard disk. Not tried but did yours started? If yes, can you please guide me how you did it.

      • Mark Mullen

        I ended up selling it for like 20 bucks :/

        • Roh_Mish

          Sad to hear that. I had a external disk reader which I cued to just format the drive in windows. Re-inserted the drive in ps3 and it did all the things itself. The readers are available for like 4-5 bucks online.

  • joseph

    i have the same prob blue/green lights work but my controller lights up all 4 red then has just one red light say on black screen no sound

  • Chris Martinelli

    So i get home from work, turn on my ps3 to download GTAO. 1st after signing into PSN i went to playstation store and it says its down for maitnence. Then I restart my ps3 go right to GTA5 and the update installs. After it installs and the game begins to load the screen freezes. I then restarted (with the touch power button, not the switch or cord) i went to turn my PS3 back on, it powers up but nothing comes to the screen. So then i turn it off again, and hold the power button untill the second beep which is used to reset video settings, idk why they would have changed but worth a shot, it still didnt work. After a few times of turning it on and getting nothing but a black screen, it finially gives me the screen telling you the system was turned off improperly and its going to scan and repair. For those of you who dont know this is usually a black screen with white writing and an okay prompt to start the reset… Mine was a green, blue, red, black spotted screen with white letters and after button mashing X to try and click the okay prompt, then hitting every other **bleep** button out of frustration, i turn it off and when i turn it back on again… back to nothing appearing. PLEASE HELP, idk what this is. It worked fine this morning when i played before work and i had no problems recently until updating gta5

    • Roh_Mish

      I have similar problem. Nothing shows up. Have you fixed it?

  • jason

    I had the same problem. i just tore it apart, completely, cleaned everything. note i was checking to see if anything was burnt out and such. but any way i got pissed. i put it all back together, and thought about launching it off a cliff. then i figured i’d give it one last chance, it turned on. works fine. don’t know what fixed it,but what ever it did worked.

  • simo2929

    I done it I fixed my ps3 which had the black screen off death.
    I reflowed the gpu and changed the paste
    if anybody needs it done for a small fee email me on
    or any help message me and I will help u.
    Sony are not getting a penny out off me.

    • Kino

      I am having problem with my ps3 where there is no video and audio showing. Based on my research I am guessing it is the green light of death. What steps am I to take next

  • Luka Vuksan

    how to fix ps3 80gb ylod

  • bluey keady

    thanx bashar im jus bout 2 try it im fukin gutted im up to level 48 on skyrim ive completed gta5 an other stuff is there any way SHITHOT BASHAR IT WORKD STRAIGHTAWAY WAT MY PROBLEM WAS WEN I PRESSED BUTTON TO ACTIVATE HDMI LEAD IN STEAD OF SELECTING YES I PRESSED NO IN STEAD AN IT PROPPER FUKD ME UP THANX ALOT BRUV TAKE IT EASY BLUEY

  • Roh_Mish

    Hi I have a 320 GB Slim. I hosted it to the latest firmware today and it restarted but nothing came up. The update was successful but now i can’t go too the restore/recovery menu. Nothing on HDMI and RGB. I love Sony and their products. And PlayStation games but note it’s making me mad. I had a psp and it died after an update. And don’t needs 85% of full price to fix the damn thing. Why Sony!
    Is my ps3 dead? Should I take it to Sony ?

  • Jose Vasquez

    I have a problem with ps3 black screen I have it set on hdmi, when I turn it it sound like any normal ps3’s but I get no blue light all I get is the green light, but no picture on tv, I’ve tried all the steps as I ve been seeing on the post ; safe mode, and restarting but it doesn’t seem too work it doesn’t do anything it just gives me the black I’ve also tried leaving ps3 on and unplugged the hdmi and putting it back on but nothing the ps3 will just stay on it doesn’t even let me turn it off when I push the power button I have to unplug it from ac adapter so it turn off ANY IDEAS OR SUGGESTIONS LET ME KNOW ASAP !

  • Deveon Powell

    ok i did that but ma controller wont let me go down

  • Cj

    My girlfriends brother dropped his ps3 from a five drawer dresser and now it wont stay on it won’t take any discs if i add a little pressure to the bottom or sides it turns off

    • zac

      Honestly, that is most likely a damaged motherboard and probably not fixable, I would sell all of it for parts and see what you can get.
      Also the Blu Ray drive is probably damaged so just see what you can get.

      • Billy

        Now this is about my ps3 if it too hot will it freeze up i.had it off for 15 minutes because my game kept freezing i went to turn it on i hit my username then like 5-10 seconds later it froze right up

        • zac

          First off, learn how to type. Secondly the motherboards junk, that is all there is to it. You can try fixing it by following the tutorial up above or bring it to a Profesional.