How to Switch Back to from your local domain one?

For the people so much annoyed with Google forcing them to go to their local domain version, e.g. or what ever your region is, this is how to switch back to normal as your default search. Simply go to your local Google home page, e.g., and then click on in English.




NOTE: At time of launch, this same solution did not use to work as it should. It would take you back then to, but if you use the browser default Google search engine you would land again on .KW domain. Next day, it was working properly. So I’m not sure if this same link works the same way on domains other than .KW. Let me know how it goes with you.


UPDATE: Bad news. is enforced on me back again and I assume many others when searching using Chrome Address Bar. Same trick does not work. Firefox Google Search Engine and address bar both dont have the same problem. Looks like we’re gonna need a hack for it ;/. Thank you Google for not doing evil. Thank you.


UPDATE 2: I have tried to contact Google Chrome feedback for reporting this behavior. Not the best place, but it is a place that they will read at least.


UPDATE 3: I found the solution for Chrome Google Default Search. You can read it here.

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  • MacaholiQ8

    It has always been working this way, even before came out. I remember because I used Korean proxy to be able to use torrent sites.

  • mario

    In case you land on a google search page from the search bar in your browser like I do, add “&hl=EN” to the end of url.

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: You naughty :). I do recall forced domains when I use proxies, but for some reason this wasn’t working first day of release in Kuwait. Well, even Google is buggy in Kuwait :P.

    marion: Thanks. This hack would help for your query. We needed a way to get rid of it permanently.

  • MacaholiQ8

    الغاية تبرر الوسيلة

    btw, this forced domain issue also occurs on Firefox google start page and to fix it you need to go to preferences and change the interface language.

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: Bad news… .KW is forced back again and same solution doesn’t work :(

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  • MacaholiQ8

    It’s working fine with me. :|

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: Chrome?

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: Silly question. Not Chrome. Problem not happening with Firefox it seems, thank God.

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  • Nosayba

    I’ve made myself comfortable with typing few more characters to the URL:

    Takes me directly to the English Google page.

  • Bashar

    Nosayba: Thanks. This is good. What about direct embedded search though? I want my default search to go to!

  • Nosayba

    “What about direct embedded search though?”

    I was Googling this issue earlier this month when it led me to your blog! Unfortunately, I haven’t found an answer yet.

    All our hopes are belong to you :D

  • Bashar

    Nosayba: Thanks. Since you’re using Chrome, the answer is here.

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