Google Ta3reeb Arabic Transliteration

Google ta3reeb Arabic Transliteration

Google Arabic Transliteration (ta3reeb) is another cool service by Google, that translates the Roman characters into Arabic and vice versa. Don’t we Arabs have numbers standing for our extra characters, and don’t we get non-Arabic speakers confused when we do so? We have it now as brand names even.,, and others. But the confusion can be cleared out:

Google Ta3reb of Taw9eel

Simply write the word or sentence you need, e.g. Taw9eel. Get the Arabic word for it, and put it into Google Translate.

Taw9eel Google Translate

You can read more about it here. One thing to note is, this service is, while marked with Labs, does not seem to be listed in Google Labs, and not in Google Kuwait Labs. I found it by chance while searching. Enjoy

UPDATE: Frankly, I was just emailing the guys on my list and I thought of using it. Quite cool I might actually depend on it, partially for fun ;).

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  • maryam

    cool tool for those who aren’t familiar with the arabic/numbers syntax, if I ever find the university project I told you about, I’ll let you know.

  • Bashar

    maryam: Sure, would love to see it. Thanks

  • Ali

    Quite innovative, wasted quite sometime playing with it!

  • Mahbob

    cool but I wish there is tool to do the opposite because there is some devices doesn’t support Arabic and I need to transfer some text to there ! :(

  • MacaholiQ8

    Hah, now that’s innovation! Gotta be helpful on the long run.

  • Nicole

    That’s cool :)

  • Bashar

    Nicole: Glad it’s helping some people out. I feel guilty sometimes how we twist minds :)

  • Sam has a similar but more complete service. It allows full vowelization of Arabic (tashkeel).

  • Bashar

    Sam: Cool, thanks. Though I would be surprised if many people actually want to go to the level of vowelization when without them we have an extra large spelling mistakes.

    Good luck though, all the best :)

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    ana ba7ibak

  • mulham

    wow its soooooooo coolll thanks google …

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  • Anonymous

    el mo7aqek konan

  • http://mm majdii

    asfa ena dima nefta7 il msn meta3i w nebda netfaraj 3ala série wala ne3elo w no5rej sorry ena manogsed 7ata 7aja w mali lezoum hala kalem il kol w enchalah il mara il jaya n7kiyo bn

  • Arabic-keyboard

    Wonderfull , thanks !!

  • Anonymous

    عتمان بن

  • Anonymous


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