Amazon launches aStore for associates

Another new service that keeps putting Amazon upfront all other associate networks is the aStore. An easy way to create a professional online Amazon store in minutes, that you can embed as an inner FRAME inside your site, or point your customers to it and start making money.

I haven’t wasted much time and have given it a try already. You can feel free to browse my Amazon store here. If you like it, and you are a site owner, you can become an Amazon associate and create one yourself.

Having tested it however, the product is still new and in some occasions not so flexible. For example, I have to either pick every item I want to show, or provide keywords for a specific category. You cannot have the two, which is really a shame. You would normally want to post your favorite 10 items, and expect 10 more to come as recommendation from Amazon itself. aStore does provide a section for similar items, but its limited size only and does not fulfill the above situation. The store administration side response time and usability also have a great area for improvement, with some proper AJAX implementation in place. Creating my store took so much idle time waiting for server response and refresh pages. This whole waiting time could get eliminated by applying AJAX to add items and delete them dynamically without requiring any refreshes.

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