Monkey Island Cartoon…

Its now almost 10 years since the last worthy Monkey Island game sequel, and 17 since the start of the monkeying era. Since 1997, and the fans are eagerly waiting for a Monkey Island sequel. The cries were heard and a frustrating Escape From Monkey Island, by all means do escape it, was released. Most fans were let down, and to me, it was a like a clear message “Don’t ask for a sequel next time!”.

Still, loyal game fans are all over the net posting, creating fan sites and themes. We have seen the Monkey Island theatric play by high school kids, which was not bad at all. Later on, we started hearing about the Monkey Island movie, except that it was released by Walt Disney based on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride that initially inspired Ron Gilbert to create the Monkey Island game. Still, even Ron himself admired the movie, and the fans loved it crazy, me included ofcourse. The last part of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy is coming in 2007, and Lucasarts have clearly said they will get back to the old games by 2015! Thats a long wait for the fans.

Today however, I came across a great 2D animated Pyrats movie, with some 3D aid. It was so fun and amusing to watch. Reminds you of the Curse of Monkey Island drawing, though much more advanced. But it was also TOO SHORT! when I looked for the release date I found out this is only a short movie that was made by 5 French students over 7 months for the Annecy 2006 international animation festival. It was so much frustrating, but very promising at the same time. From what I see, they have created the characters and theme of the movie, and this all can’t be done for 1.5 minute play and thats it. I think they must be trying to sell their skills to come with a full length movie later on. Check the site to see the movie. If Disney wants to get back in the 2D cartoon business, those are the people who they should be hiring.

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  • Crumbs

    I saw this last June or July. Lots of fun, and I couldn’t believe that only five people had made it. Oh, man, I’ve got to link the video in my blog.

    One thing, though: I don’t consider The Curse of Monkey Island a sequel (or Escape From Monkey Island) because of the lack of Ron Gilbert. Even though they were both fun (CMI unbelievably fun).

    Sorry I gave a wrong wording there, so I had to delete the first comment.

  • Bashar

    Well, you are right about the Escape from Monkey Island, but I believe Curse one was so much fair Ron him self praised it in an interview.

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