Google Checkout vs PayPal

Last year, Google got into a new market which is the online payment with Google Checkout. Google is a well known famous brand that people tend to trust. But so far, Google hasn’t got into such sensitive area. End of 2006 Google ran a free checkout and $10 discounts campaigns which brought more customers to the service. A survey made by JPMorgan on 1,100 online shoppers showed %6 used Google Checkout, compared to %42 for their PayPal rival.

While this percentage is not bad at all for a start, the other part of the survey shows only %19 of the customers are satisfied with Google Checkout service, when PayPal has %44 satisfaction rate. There are thousands of online stores offering the same items online for different prices, but the reason I always order from Amazon is that whenever I try a different site, I miss the quality of the service. InformationWeek has more on this.

I have not yet tried Google Checkout. I wanted to try it from the very beginning, I signed up and registered my card. After that I tried to checkout from one shop and I started getting a general error message. I tried again and again from different shops but all attempts failed. Contacting Google Checkout Support they told me the service is still only inside US. From that moment, I had a feeling the service is not taken care of properly. Otherwise, there should be a mention of country restriction, and I should not have the option to register with my country, which is not supported, and fill in my card details and only after that I know my destination is not supported. Ofcourse the service now is available for various countries, but I don’t feel encouraged to use it, although the concept is great, and PayPal is not usable in Kuwait, you have to have foreign account.

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