Pixar Vs Disney

Walt Disney have been for long the brand for children entertainment and animated movies. Companies used to clone whatever Disney does, but were always less fortunate. Over the past few years however, things have taken a different path. Every decade or two, with the evolution of new technologies, a company has to invest and risk to save it’s prosperity and survival. Walt Disney did not take that thing seriously as it seems. With the emerge of the 3D animations, new competitors started rising up as serious threat, and very quickly take on the top. While Walt Disney have been busy producing quick and low quality sequels to their big movies, along with short series as well that brought nothing but frustration for the fans, as they kept watching their character quality sinks lower and lower. Things became so much commercial there, and no more we can see a four year production movie like The Lion King. We saw Lion King 2, 1 & 1/2, Aladdin 2 and series, Little Mermaid 2 and series, as well as many others. But that was most about it.

On the contrary, Dreamworks have been working hard with a long term strategy plan, that resulted in Shrek. The story of an ugly ogre who managed to get into the hearts of people so quickly. They did come with a sequel, only 3 years later with better graphics, much better, and a movie that outperformed its former, taking on the third place of all time domestic income in the box office. Another runner was Pixar then. A company with leading technology, yet no market to accommodate it. Company was struggling to continue, until they managed to sign a joint agreement with Disney in 1991 to produce three movies. The terms were not on their side however. Disney’s condition was that, unless the first movie was a big hit, Pixar would get nothing more than ZERO out of the project. Toy Story however proved Disney was wrong. Six more films followed Toy Story, all were big hits. 15 years later, Disney found them selves struggling to reach an agreement with Pixar for contract renewal. Confused what to do, the famous Walt Disney had no choice but to acquire Pixar for $7.4 billion! Can you believe that. After being the leaders and only brand in the market, they signed with Pixar for BIG or nothing, and then they had to bow for them to keep the Disney Wheel running.

I was really sad because of this, and hope Pixar does not get lost in the merge. I read some news about a split in Pixar already, and some people left to start their own new technology. Don’t have much details though. But as for Pixar, Disney have already lined them up for Chicken Little sequel, so I have a feeling the same Disney spirit is going to affect their work too. There is a debate going on for Pixar Vs Disney right now at ConvinceMe.net, which is a real great new site for online debates. It’s fairly simple and easy to use, still not spoiled by spammers and lousy writers. What is interesting to know is that, according to IMDB reviews, half of Pixar movies had a rating of 8/10 or more, and overall average was 7.9. On the other side, latest big 3D film from Disney, Chicken Little got only 5.8! Lowest Pixar film was rated 7.3. Difference in numbers speak for them selves, and people started asking the question in public, who is better? For me, Disney can come third after Pixar and Dreamworks.

Anyhow, I came across this trailer today for RATATOUILLE, the story of a rat in Paris, who wants to live a luxurious life, and does not like to live the garbage food lying around. The film is coming from Pixar this summer, and seems very worthy to wait for. Hope you like it.

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Hmm. Disney should make more cartoons, I think, AND make 3D stuff.

I mean, a good chunk of 3D movies today is crap. Valiant says it all really; but Disney and Pixar have had good products in the past. Finding Nemo? Monsters, INC? Even older ones like A Bug’s Life. All absolutely and unbelievably fantastic. Fortunately I didn’t bother with Chicken Little.

Disney should make some 2D + 3D cartoons, too, like in Beauty and the Beast. I mean they have this market who are clamouring for that sort of thing again, why not satisfy it with something good?

On a different note, I highly recommend the latest animated film from Tim Burton, Corpse Bride. It’s fantastic. I also recommend getting all of the Wallace and Gromit movies. It’s great family entertainment.

Corpse Bride, you got it right. You really feel like Grimfandango theme. There is even a little boy dressed up like Manny in the Navy chapter. Did you notice?

Really? Like Manny Calavera?

:’( I never finished that game because my CD got stolen and I haven’t found a copy since 1999.


Also, get Wallace and Gromit! I remember you having a kid, he’d love those.

Really… that’s real sad. Amazon has it by the way from resellers for less than $30. Resellers only ship inside US usually, so I use a carrier from US to ship it for me, Aramex if you know it. I can’t believe Lucasarts already took it out of their store!

I am not a Wallace and Gormit fan, and my child… well he is 1 year old he watches things with bright colors, and every day I have to show him some trailers for Sam & Max, simpsons, Pyrats, and Shrek to get him satisfied :)

Anyways, since you mentioned it. Disney had a a great film, in fact this is the last animated film from Disney them selves I bought. It’s Treasure Planet. Really amazing. Based on the novel Treasure Island, Pirate theme into space, with 2D & 3D amazing mix. It’s one of my favorites. I am not sure why it didn’t get very popular. Perhaps lack of press? Take a look at it anyways, you won’t regret it.

Watched it. You think I’d miss something involving Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver? HA.

Well I’m going to be using Aramex soon, but still — my mum won’t let me borrow her credit card.

And I wanted to get that damn Xbox to play Psychonauts properly! Ebay. Love. Much love.

Well, I don’t blame your mom. Amazon is so good you get addicted :)

Just don’t tell her I said that ;)

Corpse Bride is one of my favorite cartoons :). It’s a hit from every point you view it. And about the article, Pixar outdone themselves in the last few years. Every cartoon they released was a major hit. Keep up the good work Pixar!

nandizor: Yeah Corpse is amazing still animation! loved it. And then there is the new Coraline as well. Totally agree on your Pixar note. Great how they keep pushing and innovating while taking new challenging story lines. Old man flying his house! Who would’ve though

nandizor: Yeah Corpse is amazing still animation! loved it. And then there is the new Coraline as well. Totally agree on your Pixar note. Great how they keep pushing and innovating while taking new challenging story lines. Old man flying his house! Who would’ve thought

well disney just came out with tangeled…it was amazing got A reviews..and IMO better then any pixer or dream works movie ive seen in a while..go disney!

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