Pyrats and Monkey Island fans the same…

Previously, I wrote about Monkey Island Cartoon, and it wasn’t really a Monkey Island cartoon, but rather a short film by a group of 5 French graduate students. The animation was so nice, characters were really drilled into, and you can see some real effort put into it. As a Monkey Island fan, I immediately recalled it and got a feeling there is a similarity with it. Very likely those guys could be Monkey Island fans as well who got inspired to do their work. I emailed them asking about it and never got any reply sadly.

I noticed however, that the highest search query that resulted in hit to my sit was “pyrats monkey island“. So it was interesting to see how many people are trying to reach the same conclusion as I did, along with many others who saw it ofcourse.

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  • Terrance

    Oh hey thanks for the link! :D

    I also got Kroms (another guy who posts here) on the Google searche results.

    Pretty small world, no?

  • Bashar

    Yeah right :)

    More than welcome. Always a pleasure (and duty!) to serve adventure fans