Lucas Powering Monkey Island Inspired Movie

Isn’t it funny how it all started? In the late 80’s, Ron Gilbert, creator of the legendary Monkey Island so-called best adventure game of all time, Ron started reading Tim Power’s On Stranger Tides, which inspired him about the game. Ron him self said it several times that Pirates of the Caribbean the ride also did inspire him. Even though he says that’s not totally true, the scene with the dog holding the key in his mouth can be seen in the original ride. At least, it must have had  some positive impression on him.

1990 came the first Monkey Island game, followed by a bigger success one year later with Monkey Island 2: Lechuck’s Revenge. Years passed then, and Ron started his own career. 2003 brought a new taste from Disney films. A piracy taste. I still remember how I was waiting eagerly to go back to my PC from the cinema and check what people say about the Monkey Island movie. I was absolutely right, and only then I could rest down asleep. Last year, Ron him self talked about the Monkey Island movie (Dead Man’s Chest). He him self admired it as you can read, I totally agree. But the point is, now Disney are taking ideas from Ron. And now, as posted earlier about part 3, there is even a more clear evidence from the town of ship parts.

So is that all really bad? Well, I don’t think so. If they are using things as inspiration, they are adding their own theme, story and touch, this could only help things get better. As Steve Jobs used to quote Picasso for saying “Good artist copy, great artists steal!”. So Disney are good artists, not great yet. They would have been if they hired Ron for script writing the movie maybe.

Enough talking now, so what’s the really funny thing about it. The funny thing is that Lucasfilms Studios are hosting and powering the graphics rendering for the Pirates of the Caribbean (Monkey Island movie). So eventually, the two sides shake hands on the big project, and it’s team work at the end that will come to the big screen. Lucasfilms participated in Dead Man’s Chest as well. You can see from CNet a video from inside the Lucasfilm server studio farm.

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  • Kroms

    Well that explains it.

    :'( Now I WILL never see Star Wars.

  • Bashar

    You actually like Star Wars? I only saw part I & III fully. Part I was great, III (dont shout at me) the actors looked so naive to me. I know star wars fans won’t agree, but this is what I felt.

    Anyways, George Lucas seems to be going into the episodes rather than big budget large movies. He mentioned that in one interview after the last episode.

  • Kroms

    No no, I haven’t seen any yet. I was planning to but this crushed the dream.

  • Bashar

    Ohh I C. you are as late in SW as I am in Metal Gear Solid ;)

  • Kroms

    My heart goes out to you and how lonely and lost you must feel :P

  • Bashar

    Don’t start teasing now :)