Affiliating with Amazon, this site did not follow the normal path, and rather this is what BrowseGoods made. A visual presentation of the available categories, and as the site name says, you browse the category you want. Zoom in and out of it. For example, you could click on Toys, you will get the subcategories of Toys. It’s a similar concept to Google Earth, except that you are browsing Amazon store. The problem is, once you keep zooming in, picture quality starts to decrease. [correction] image is updated every time you zoom in, but the slow connection caused delay that I assumed this is the final unclear image. You need to wait a little if you are on my same side of the world [end correction]. It is still limited in terms of categories , it’s just starting. But the concept have been appraised by Amazon Associates Blog. Enjoy your shopping.

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Thanks for writing about

The picture quality shouldn’t be decreasing as you zoom in. Can you contact us and point out some products and zoom levels where this is happening?

- Neil

You are right. With slow connection, it takes time to update all the images that I thought this is the final result. I checked it again and it is updating.

Sorry for that, I have updated the post accordingly.

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