Hackers Enjoy, No Microsoft Patches This Month

Isn’t it funny? Since Microsoft started their monthly security update back in 2003, only few of the known as Patch Tuesdays did not have Microsoft patches coming. Otherwise, it is scheduled that every second Tuesday of the month there is a security update coming from Microsoft. Last time Microsoft did not have Patch Tuesday was in September 2005 imagine! But does that mean things have been going smooth for the past month? Absolutely not. Microsoft are working on security patches for known vulnerabilities in IE7, Office 2007, Publisher 2007, ohh yeah and Windows Vista OS ofcourse. Lucky me I am not using any of those. The patches are not ready yet for release, so hackers will get more time of joy before they have to find new holes in the next patch. Lucky me I am not using any of those. More from PC WORLD.

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  • http://3baid.homeip.net/ 3baid

    Maybe they’re on vacation.

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    Kitty: The reason I transferred my primary email from hotmail to Yahoo few years back (before Gmail was born) was the security issues. It was so easy to crack hotmail accounts, I think it’s more secured now. Your password loss could be because someone hacked the hotmail account, or got somehow access to the account through you. I don’t want to defend hotmail, but it’s a possibility.

    3baid: After long Vista run, most of them sure are :). I can imagine the phone ringing and they are just skipping it

  • DeadEye

    They’re just too busy trying to find a plan to ram Google out of business..

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    Hehehe. In their dreams.