Facts About Widows Vista Security

Microsoft co-president Jim Allchin made an irrational statement back in Nov 2006 that Windows Vista is so secured it does not need Antivirus, saying his 7 years old kid is using Vista without Antivirus. Ofcourse this was back in November before public had theirs hands on it to start discovering holes.

Alex Ionescu posted a proof of concept program that utilizes Vista Protected Processes to it’s own advantage, making evil malicious programs as protected processes, be it keylogger or anything else you can think of (Thanks Slashdot for posting it).

This is ofcourse in addition to many other holes that are getting patched everyday, like last animation cursor that got immediate patch. My advise if you want to be mostly secured is to have good antivirus, good firewall (I like ZoneAlarm), and use the most secured browser, Firefox. Since I’ve started using it, very rarely I’ve seen any viruses coming in.

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  • http://3baid.homeip.net/ 3baid

    This is old news. You can’t take statements like those from Microsoft literally or seriously. :/

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    I know 3baid. I’m just highlighting the proof to the public :)