Smart telecom ad from Pixar

Only once I was not shocked by PIXAR product, and this was when they released the Toy Story sequel only. I have seen all their movies and every time you see one you say “This is the top!”. Next movie proves you were wrong. What I love about this company is their patience and determination to bring something totally new every time. Just like Walt Disney used to be in the old days. Their start was with 3D animated commercials for outside companies. This is one of the ads they produced for a telecom service. Not sure when or who came up with idea, but the implementation is lovely. And it’s definitely a lot better than the classical ads we see.

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  • Blue Dress

    Lol, ok that was amazingly nice.
    very funny.

  • 3baid

    The best creations by Pixar are the characters.

  • Bashar

    3baid: for me it’s difficult to tell… but yeah they have real talent in creating nice characters. Their best I’d say is the short memory fish in Nimo :)

  • Kroms

    Dory, you mean? Awesome fish. Not just the memory but the whole ignorance thing.

    “Oh my God this mouth is half-empty!” (this is inside a whale’s mouth; water’s emptying)

    “Really? No I would say it’s half-full.”

    Btw Toy Story was awesome. Three will suck though, if you’re gonna judge by the current “animation market”. Slapstick is dumb in animation.

    Oh yeah and see this:

    I was ecstatic till I saw the second part of the trailer.

  • Very.Q8ya

    wayyyyyyyy cutttttttttttttte =~~]

  • Bashar

    Very.Q8ya: Yeah :) with evil spirit as well :P

  • Bashar

    tone Health: Can’t argue with you here.