PayPal Issues Safari Users Warning - Use Different Browser

Away from politics and all, and due to it’s lack of anti-phishing technology, PayPal has issued a security warning to all Safari users out there from the high possibility of web forgery for Safari users, which accounts for %4.5 of browser market share. Web Forgery, for those you may not know, is having some sites pretending to be something they aren’t. And PayPal being one of the most famous payment solutions on the net, you can guess how often people would like to fake it. I my self got so many emails in my Gmail Junk folder (What a go Gmail Anti-Spam), and when you have a strong anti-phishing browser like Firefox in place, this is what you would get trying to open the link:


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  • Mai


    So2al, u managed to have paypal account? Or u have a US bank account?

  • Bashar

    Mai: I know what you mean, but since last year, payment using PayPal was opened in Kuwait with limitations. For example, you can’t receive payments, only make ones.

    Check with your bank. Your credit card I think should work. I had an account, but was not able to tie it months back to my NBK cards. I called the bank and they didnt have a clue what PayPal is. I don’t need it right now so I never tried it. But I know people who did use it.

  • Mai

    Yes I have registered there, they asked for ID card at the last step, but my NBK was working..

    I use moneybookers to send money now! Its COOL!

  • Bashar

    Hmm… that’s interesting. MoneyBookers. Didn’t know about it. What makes it better than Paypal?