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Google Reader for many is without any doubt the best feed aggregator and reader out there. Giving you the ability to read all your favorite feeds online, from any place, at any time. Using the shortcuts (J, K & S), you can easily browse next, previous, and star your item. This makes it extremely easy to go through the 1000+ items I have queued for me to read forever. The ability to merge all the feeds and browse them together is a feature not available in many other readers, where you usually have to browse every feed separately. Recently also, and finally, they allowed searching through all those feeds, turning your feed reader into a rich bookmark for all items you may want in the future. There is also the newly added ability to share items with your friends and blog readers. Simply mark the item as shared, and all your Gmail friends will be able to read it. So now, and instead of posting about any good article I find without adding any value to it, you can go through my shared items on the side menu, where I will be sharing lots of the useful articles I find.

Google Reader Shared Items

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I would like to point your attention to a web term, “lifestream”. It’s basically an aggregate of all your feeds. You might want to research it :)

3baid: Hmm…. I never heard about it. Googling it, it seems a bit new but interesting. I don’t think I wanna tell the whole world about everything I do, but the concept is great. Thanks, I will look it.

Are you using it? Maybe I wanna see it

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