Is the Google hype over?

Google, the company which started 10 years ago as a Phd project, moved into a garage for a while, and then 6 years later went on public offering, turning half of it’s employees into millionaires over night. The company which was chosen as the strongest brand in the US, and best place to work for last year. That same company for the first time is not living it’s glory days from the start of this year, following several events:

So what now. Is Google going to die? I don’t really think so, but their growth I presume is not going to be the same as last year. I personally don’t agree with what ex-Google employee said after joining Facebook, that social networks are “Google of yesterday, and Microsoft of the past”. You will always need a search engine (or alternative) to reach your information, and a social-network is not the one ofcourse. Also, social-networks are more like bubbles than any other. People follow the hype, join their friends, want to have fun in new ways. Then suddenly, a new social-network comes with new fancy way of doing stuff. People will start jumping there, and the net-worth of the company will run fast down. Especially when their current social-network is controlling too much sensitive information and keeps abusing it. The other point is what some analyst said. People in social-networks are mostly after entertainment and socializing with their friends, and they are less likely to be interested in some ad on the side. On the other side, people are more likely to click on related ads when they are actually searching for that specific topic. After all, it could be what they need. But it all depends on the quality of the link, which Google’s been trying to push for real hard.

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Google will come back. Facebook is a temporary thing, really. Fads come and go. All ready its rate of usage has dropped.

Hi, Bashar! Mahalo for the kind mention in your post!

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We’ll get started on a Monkey Island page straight away!

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Kroms: May the best man win :)

Nicole Gustas: Well I am flattered by your visit :). Thanks for the link, I actually saw that. But I was wondering why I get this when I actually search for Arsenal:

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As for Monkey Island, I can already see a page. Did you create one that fast, or was my query a bit old :).

Good luck you guys. So far doing a great work.

Exactly. I highly doubt Google failure. Maybe they have seen better days but they certainly won’t go down. Facebook is a fad, its spark will stop glowing just like MySpace.

MacaholiQ8: So what do you say to buying shares now :)

I say it’s a great chance but only if you have enough money to haul a lot of shares. And even though their stock price has dropped it’s still high and still considered a high capacity stock.

Ga66iya? :P

Hmmmmm very interesting.

MacaholiQ8: Yeah mako ella chethy ;)
You know, around Oct 06 stock price was less than that, perhaps 370 and I told people tp buy. The said same thing, expensive. 3 months it reached 500, next it shooted to 700. And I was stupid to just sit and watch it. Or to be honest, didn’t know a good source to deal with in trading.

Google’s got a lot of projects working behind the scenes. Take OpenSocial for example.

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