Sony LCD Bravia KLV-46V200A Review

 Upon request from macaholiQ8, I am reviewing this LCD 46″ V-Series screen from Sony. I should note that I’m not the expert in this field, but it’s mostly an end user opinion of it. Below are the specs, and my opinion along with it.
Product Name:  Sony LCD Bravia KLV-46V200A

SIZE: 46″

Supported Resolutions: 480p, 720p, 1080i - This is the drawback for HD Gamers who mostly would want to go with 1080p. Even though for me, when I tried the 1080i, I did not see huge improvement over 720p in the picture quality, and neither I noticed any problems with motion in video games. For more information about the two types, read the post 1080i & 1080p.

Input & Output Slots: The device comes with the widest range of possible options you may think of for connecting external equipments.

Viewing Angle: 178 Degrees. I’ve heard that others in numbers outdo this one, or that Plasma has a better viewing angle. Regardless of why you may want to watch the TV from such an angle, I have my TV in the living room, lay down in my bedroom and am able to watch it crystal clear though the door. I can’t wish for more than that.

Ghosting effect: Nothing yet.

Fast motion response: This one is usually a take against LCDs, but I’ve seen movies like Blood Diamond and Flags of our Father, watch soccer games, and played hard-core PS3 games with not a single problem yet thank God. Is this where the brand comes in handy? Maybe.

Additional Equipments: Alongside the LCD screen, I got the Sony DVD Home Theater System. It’s not cheap at all, but the great thing about it is, it includes 5 DVD-Exchanger with embedded sound amplifier. Also, the rear speakers are connected to the front ones via infrared. So no wiring all across the room is needed. If you notice the small deive on top left of the image, that’s the transmitter for infrared signal.

Why did I choose it?

Going through lots of reviews and comparisons between LCD and Plasma, while numbers in general favored Plasma, I still  inclined towards the LCD. First, it does not have the Burn-In effect, and it’s much more suitable for gamers. Even though I didn’t have any plans for games at the time, I knew I won’t be able to resist for long. Second is LOVE. That’s right. You move inside the showroom, browsing tens of different screens, not even knowing the size, type, or brand of it. And you find your self suddenly standing infont of one only, staring at it. Saying, this is the one I want. I kept doing this for maybe 8 months. Everytime I enter Sony shop I stand infront of the same one. I went then to public showrooms showing different brands. I somehow found my self staring at the very same screen. It got on the nerve of all people around me. I kept saying I want it, and didn’t get it. They just shouted back, just get it “Theba7tna!”. Eventually I did.

Isn’t it so romantic? Let’s make a hollywood movie. Better than the Titanic. Point I want to make is, browse through all kinds, and see the one that you really like. The one that really catches your eyes (and fits your budget!).

Hope this little was a bit of help for some, at least MacaholiQ8. If you have specific question, please fire away.

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  • MacaholiQ8

    Pure hotness man! Thanks for the detailed review.

    I’m glad to know it can handle fast motion pretty well.

    Enjoy it, and let me save up for my Bravia! ;)

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: Thanks, and good luck!. Get the 1080p however.

    I was getting worried about you honestly. This post was meant for you and you didn’t comment. Good to know you’re in good shape :)

  • MacaholiQ8

    No worries man, I’ve been too lazy to surf around the blogs that’s all. Thank you for your concern. :)

    I sure will go for 1080p. What I currently have in mind is the KDL-40XBR. 40″ would be fairly enormous for my 4x4m room. However, this all depends if I’m gonna go on vacation this summer or not. It’s all good though, I’d save up for it again and maybe by then there would be something even better to buy.

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: Will, vacation is only 2-3 weeks. LCD is 4-5 years of joy :)

  • MacaholiQ8

    Correction… Vacation is 2-3 “months” (I’m a teacher, remember!) ;)

    I’ve been wanting to spend a vacation abroad for the past two years but I couldn’t due to family & financial issues (’06 my father passed away so I had to cancel my booking and ’07 I had to spend around 1K KD on the freakin’ AC for our house) so I really Really REALLY need to go on a trip this year otherwise I’d cash a Bravia today!

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: Ohh… lucky you. Beat my story then. Last time I went abroad for vacation was… no not 02, 97!

    I traveled several times but non for vacation. I made my Eng. in 4 years straight with summer courses, then worked for 3 years straight, only 3 weeks off. During which I got married, and made house movement. I also had a kid in those years of work. Eventually I quit, had few months off then joined ministry :)

    Now, several things stopping me from family vacation outside for 2 weeks. Some business stuff and such mainly.

    Anyways, good luck whatever choice you make. It’s really hard to stay for another year waiting.

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  • gaurang agrawal

    i whant to oprate pan drive instal movies on tv how i oprate this type off thing please kindely coprate me ans me