When is Wall-E coming in Kuwait?

People who know me must know how much I adore animated movies, and every year I keep waiting for Pixar to strike me with another masterpiece. Wall-E is what I’ve been looking for since last year, and it’s coming this end of June. Looking at the release dates on IMDB however, Kuwait is still not listed!.

Wall-E Release dates

This is sometimes incomplete I know. But I look at Cinescape coming soon movies and I still can’t see it! I also don’t recall seeing any poster about it there. Could they possibly be missing it? Kung Fu Panda is coming one week after the US release, and it’s not a big of anticipated as Wall-E at all. Any body has some idea?

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Yeah Wall-E looks very promising. There’s a video on youtube of the real robot being controlled in front of live audience.

3baid: This is amazing! Those Pixar guys are just the best!

I fell in love as soon as I saw that trailer. Seriously, it just made me adore the robot on so many different levels, it’s my number one movie of the summer (not that there’s any sort of competition - even Batman looks faintly ridiculous, but Joker should be awesome).

Pixar and Disney are now, by the way, working on eleven films. ELEVEN. And I was really annoyed by Rapunzel because I’d spent some time developing that particular art-style for a game I was designing.

I love pixar animated movies too!

Kroms: Sadly, I have lost faith in Disney, and the acquisition did nothing but freak me. The only reason Disney bought Pixar is because they simply can’t compete with them, and Disney have spent long years living on the old age, just reuse what we have. Lion King 2, 1.5, Aladding 2, episodes… They had to pay the price for their short term vision eventually.

I just hope Pixar keeps their way of doing things. And yeah, this little robot touches the heart like magic.

Ansam: I am just waiting for them to release blu-ray version of all their movies to buy them. So far I tried Ratatouille was great.

You’ll hate me for this bas YOU ARE TAGGED

chika: You have no idea! :(

Nah, I’m good with them now because the visionaries are back. John Lasseter, Brad Bird, etc etc. They have complete control. And they’re making cartoons now so that’s good.

Ansam: Yeah, I’ve seen it as Extra in Cars movie. Call me crazy or whatever, but I just bought the whole Pixar Shorts first episode :)

Contains all Pixar shorts since it was with Lucasfilms. It was good.

where did u buy’em from?

Ansam: Sorry for late reply.
Amazon.com. You can get it Blu-Ray, or normal DVD.

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