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A relative of mine introduced me to this site a while a go, and I have to say it’s a must to check before you pick your seats for your next flight. SeatGuru is the site offering seating information for all major worldwide airlines. How often would you pick a seat thinking it’s good only to find out it’s near the jet engine, the bathroom, or there would be a better chair with more leg room just two rows infront.

The content is generated by online community, however registration seems to be controlled by the site owners to ensure content quality.

To use the site, simply search for your desired airlines, pick airplane model, and browse through the seats to find the most suitable.

NOTE: You may be tempted to try and search for Kuwait Airlines. Save your breath, you’re not gonna find it. This may seem disappointing first, but on a second thought, who is traveling on Kuwait airlines anyways? Service is bad, airplanes are so old, they are so expensive, and they have so few destinations.

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  • Ali

    I sure wouldn’t travel on Kuwait Airways!
    Usually on British Airways when you book your tickets online you’d get the layout of the aircraft and pick your seat so its not so bad, but it sure is good for the rest of the airlines I suppose.

  • Bashar

    Ali: Actually, even when you see the airline seats, sometimes things are not shown on the airplane chart, there are somethings like place for legs for example. The seating chart may not have it so obvious. Have I seen this before, I would’ve picked a place with extra leg space :)

  • Ansam

    I agree on your Kuwait Airways comment! I cant remember the last time I flew KA! hehehehe

    Thanks for sharing the link, I will be checking it out for my next trip

  • MacaholiQ8

    Man I would fly on Kuwait Airways anytime anywhere any day over Gulf airlines. I know KA are bad but man have you ever been on GA planes? The wings of their planes LITERALLY FLAP TO FLY! How bad is that? I know I’ve never seen that on Kuwait airlines.

  • Bashar

    Ansam: Welcome :)

    MacaholiQ8: Really? No I haven’t :). Actually, Qatar airlines were not up to my expectations. I mean, It’s been long time since I used Kuwait Airlines, so I’m not sure what to compare it with. But several times I ask for tea, water, or coke, the guy goes and never comes back.

    Also, they always have to land very far (in bara7a or something) then drive in bus to the airport. I think he just parks his plane as we park our car. From the 4 landings they made, only one was smooth. Otherwise, I could see the plane shaking right and left, like the guy is playing flight simulator or something!

    Their speaker… God, you can’t understand even what language he is speaking.

  • weeknds

    but how u know the aircraft type/number???

  • Anonymous


    The airline was incompetent, rude, unprofessionall and ineffective with any help that was requested due to the problems that they created.

    first our landings were really bumpy / rough, second there were hostesses that were rude and ignorant, third we were shsfted from our pre booked seats as they booked other passengers in the seats we had booked and confirmed. They did not in any way care or opologise and we recieved no help and when we spoke th the manager on shift of thai airways we were patronised and ignored. And while we were speaking to the manager trying to get some help a fellow passenger was red faced and frustrated as they had overbooked the flight and put him on stand by for the next flight which was 4 hours away !! And they didnt call him to let him know!! I will never fly with them again.

  • Bashar

    Anonymous: Thai was not an option to me so far, and I will keep your remarks for future. Thanks.

  • Bashar

    weeknds: before booking, you usually can tell the airplane type. At least in decent airlines :)

  • Rifai

    Negative comments about Kuwait Airways are not correct. A view about an Airline is not the result of any single or a negligible percentage of people, passengers or otherwise who personally may not have gotten from that particular airline that which they desire but could be harmful to other customer’s. They may not realize this, but would be in the forefront of critics. One can never hear from independent and reliable sources that Kuwait Airways missed the scheduled time, that Kuwait Airways is a flying ‘bar’, that Kuwait Airways seats are not comfortable, that Kuwait Airways does not have enough destinations, that Kuwait Airways does not cater to customer complaints, that on-board meals on Kuwait Airways are not to the star standards, etc., etc.

  • Bashar

    Rifai: You’re absolutely right. It’s not a single or negligible percentage. It’s the majority, which has made it a declining failure they didn’t even opt-in to acquire new aircrafts. Numbers speak very clear for the failure of the airlines, and our experiences as well.

    The lack of destinations, and especially direct ones, makes the experience even more worse. I can only know people who travel Kuwait Airways because they have promotions for it, and when they can, they opt to cash it in and select any other alternative.

    Face it. Majority of Kuwaities leaving Kuwait are using something other than Kuwait Airlines

  • Anonymous

    Kuwait cabin staff are rude arrogant and bloody racists

  • Anonymous

    They treat other muslims like shit, BUT if you’re european, they treat you like a god!!!,…………..fuckin racists cunts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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