What is a must plugin?

There are always those good & bad plugins, and sometimes rise a plugin, where it must basically be a built-in feature. That one plugin is the famously growing WordPress Automatic Upgrade Plugin by Techie-Buzz. Every now and then, or once a security hole was found and a patch was released for it, we would need to go through the WordPress sometimes painful upgrade steps. Even if it was called 5 minutes upgrade, it was still a tedious job to look after, and I like many others have become lazy catching up. So lazy that when I finally wanted to upgrade, it was a huge gap and my upgrade for some reason failed, the blog stopped working. I restored the old version and lived literally by the quote “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it!”.

Then I kept hearing about this plugin over and over. I never expected it would work though for my old release, or it would be that easy. Luckily, I just tried it two days back, and not a single problem. Only thing is, one of the old plugins is not supported anymore. What the hell? What used to take long time for download & upload, then sometimes fixing, now takes few minutes.

Thanks a million Techies.

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