Take photos, build your 3D world with Photosynth

I still remember when I saw videos of this service when it was still in labs. Photosynth from Microsoft is a new technology that is now being open to the public. The technology takes a collection of photos and smartly creates a 3D environment out of them. What’s cool about it is now it’s open to the public, with 20 GB of storage per user, and you can start building your own environments with pictures from your digital camera or even mobile phone.

CNET which is covering the story in much high details is speaking highly of the speed and performance of the new service from Microsoft. There is also a video interview there for you to watch. I think the service is interesting to try, and I will probably try to create a synth or two. This coming from Microsoft, alongside the Microsoft Surface means Microsoft Labs are still not dead, and are capable of bringing new technologies to the market. What I hate about Photosynth however so far is this:

Thinking of the ultimate goal if this thing is executed properly, if they could create 3D worlds of all the locations which already have a lot of available images on the net, you could search the map for your location, and see 3D views of it instantly.

For a tutorial on how to create a Synth, click here.

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I say similar tech being developed a while back by a bunch of people at Carnegie- melon …… not as polished though.

KTDP: That must have been interesting. Never heard of it. Any videos we can see?

3baid: HAHAHAHAHAAA… But they put it in a nice way :). They are not cool enough. Clearly, Gates and Ballmer have no influence on this project

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