Cinescape and their outdated movies

It’s sometimes nice to see how Cinescape brings movie on their worldwide release date, and with our early weekends, we actually get to see movies such as Star Wars before so many other countries. But that’s for certain top movies. Others however have to wait long enough, perhaps to get a discount on the price before they show up. I remember reading about the movie 88 Minutes for Al Pacino, and just today I saw it coming soon to Cinescape.

28/8/08 when the movie is actually released 18/4/07! 16 months late is really not a cinema movie anymore. It’s already out on DVD for $25. But that’s not as bad as it gets. I recall 1.5 year old movies which had ratings of 3-4/10 being brought to the big screen. Wonder why would they bother showing them, unless if they got them for FREE somehow!

Popularity: 8% [?]

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I wrote about the same thing ! it really sucks !!

yeah when I saw the “coming soon” for that movie I was shocked because I have seen looooooooong time ago… nevertheless, its a great movie, I liked it

Yeah, cinescape usually does this; when there aren’t any good movies, they run old movies that probably don’t cost them much.

The Talker: Great brothers think a like they say . But then again, it’s so obvious doesn’t need great brothers to think about it :)

Ansam: OK, so I will buy it. Least is Cinescape will not get rewarded for being so far behind.

3baid: First, I’m sure there are some good movies to show. Second, why don’t they consider showing old movies that still have big fans. I mean, you have empty space, do reshow of Star Wars. Many people would go. Give me the God Father and I might go. Make it a theme for classic movies.

Actually I don’t mind seeing old movies coming back to theaters as long as they’re worthy.

MacaholiQ8: Yeah me too. But as you said, coming back & worthy. Not old for first time, and not so good :)

Random note, though: 88 Minutes was released in different years in different countries. I’ve been seeing pirated copies of the DVD for a couple of years now, but it only hit cinemas in Canada this year.


Yup..not so surprised about the outdated movies! there’s an offer on the Shabab card that lets you buy the tickets for 1 KD only this entire month! No wonder the movies are crap!

BTW! I finished Assassin’s Creed! This game looked quite challenging, especially in the walkthroughs where they say it takes several tries to beat this and that..but everything was going smoothly since I didn’t go through their advises of throwing knives and running around, ma an9i7ik!

And stop finding excuses for our cinema :)
They have been running exclusively for over 50 years, they ought to do better.

Kaileena: You are alive too :). Is this 1 KD for movies shown in this month only? Sadly, whenever it’s cheap, it’s cheap. crowded with noisy people. Which is why I try to avoid mondays, even though the general idea is pretty good. But if I want to enjoy a movie, I would prefer spending few KDs extra to really enjoy it.

Glad you liked the game :). It ony got difficult for me at the very end. Otherwise it’s simple, time consuming. I don’t think I used walkthroughs for this game. Right now, I am struggling with the MGS marathon. I got all the MGS episodes with the release date of MGS 4. Still in first episode (PS 1). Despite being old, it’s still fun and helps me get a feeling of the game.

Nevertheless, I don’t want it to overtake my work. So I’m kinda taking my time.


OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG *total freak out*

Okay, okay. AHEM.

Don’t play it if you reach the DARPA chief and can’t play it for 24 hours afterwards. You will die. Amazing twist, amazing story, and it just keeps on getting better from there.

Kroms: Are you trying to spoil it in a way? Coz if you are, I will kill you.

It’s nothing personal, it’s strictly GAMING!

we really need a new movie company… service also sucks…7amdilla in 10 days i’ll be able to see the latest movies in Ohio :)

kwt23: Envy you :). What really pissed me off though is how they don’t allow even bottle of water in, so that they sell theirs for crazy prices.

No, but seriously, I made the mistake of finding Donald Anderson and then not being able to play for a week.

Ah, the game just goes absolutely bonkers from there.

Oh, yeah, Bashar: :) You should see MY game. I won’t say anything except its initials: TLD.

Kroms: Is it anywhere I could see or download? How come i didn’t see you at E3 then ;)

All I can say is that it’s shaping-up beautifully. It’s not completely original but it’s … you’ll see ;)

Kroms: Does it have DRM? ;)

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