International SMS Scam


Recently a phenomenon started to spread, at least in Kuwait, of receiving international SMS Scams telling you you have won in a draw, Mercedes in my case. My brother won a 250,000 amount I guess. Frankly, I was a bit jealous from him being younger and bigger winner. Email scamming is cheap and easy, but I wonder how the guys can afford and expect to make money with international SMS scamming.


Beware of such SMSs. Remember how many times you have entered a draw and not winning. What are the odds of winning without entering? Pretty low I guess. The same message has been sent to some others as well.

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  • Ansam

    I received it too… only mine reads German instead of Japanese and Mercedes (S.L) 600 and different contact number but its in Kenya LOL
    Mino akshakh? :-P

  • KTDP

    how much do you want to bet at least 10 people fall for it per day ….. pure genius I say ! *

    *bear in mind that kids also have mobile phones ……

  • Ansam

    KTDP that is a new trend (and a cheaper one too).. they used to actually call you and tell you thats someone had cast a magical -voodoo magic kinda thing- spell on you and they can help you break the spell and ward evil away… I guess sms is cheaper and cars are better bates LOL

  • Bashar

    Ansam: I really can’t tell. I know as much about cars as I know about fashion. I just drive what seems good ;/

    P.S: Yes, I am a male!

    KTDP: Hmm… As a matter of fact, I do remember my older sister once running to me shouting I WON. I AM VISITOR # 1,000,000. I went to the monitor, laughed and closed it. She yelled at me WHY DID YOU CLOSE IT! :)
    So yes, you may be true. But a fact is, awareness about scam and spam has increased dramatically worldwide. Perhaps we are less educated and that’s why they are targeting us.

    Ansam: Vodoo… WOW. That would be a nice Ramadan series. You should be a writer ;)

  • Scammed

    Hi, is another company you should avoid. The guy’s name is Jorg Lamber from Germany and he has several different company names under which he operates. (Geißenbrünnchen 32, 66539 Neunkirchen, Germany, +49 6821 1799264) Other names he operates under are Marketing Lambers, Saarpromotion Lamber GmbH – Emails: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
    Here is his MO:
    He does 2 things:
    1) He uses free email accounts like the one in this URL to promote his fraudulent service:
    2) He let you test on a high quality route and when you buy, he degrades the route to low quality or a route where you get false message id’s. When you ask for tech support or confront him about it he close your account and block you on email, MSN, ICQ etc. and when you phone there is just an automated recording that plays.
    3) His second trick is not considered fraud by the banks – what he does is give the bank account number of one account at one branch and an IBAN of another account at another branch on his invoices. He requires payment upfront which is not unusual in the SMS industry. The banks use IBAN for international transfers – when you try to stop funds and phone his bank, they do not ask for the IBAN but the bank account number and put a stop funds instruction on that account. In the mean time, the funds goes into the account linked to the IBAN number and when the banks phone him when funds are recalled, he refuse to refund. He also closes your SMS test account the moment he realize that you sent the money. So you sit without money and without the service. Once again he blocks you and cuts of all communication.
    So please learn from our mistakes and avoid dealing with as they are the biggest fraudulent scam in the SMS industry.

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