Bill Gates, I feel sorry for you… I really do

 When Bill Gates annouced his retirement from day-to-day work from Microsoft, I really felt the smartness he has. Going away from the company while still in shape, being able to monitor and direct from far is a pretty smart thing to do. Compare that to Apple, which is just another name for Steve Jobs and you will know what I mean. Many people underestimated the statement though saying he will still be in the board of directors. Either ways, keeping away from day-to-day work was a smart and bold move from him.


Few days ago I was wondering what’s he up to recently. This was around the time I heard rumors about Microsoft putting $10,000,000 on the table for Seinfield to do them promotional ads, as a counter attack to Mac Vs PC ads most likely. I was like, how desperate from them. That big money for an actor not so actively recently. Not to mention he has been previously seen using Macs before. That amount of money made even MacCast podcaster welling to promote Windows. At least I’m sure he thought of it.


Today, I read about the ads and boy was I shocked to see Bill performing in the ads. And what a lousy ad it was. Over 4 minutes of boredom, and pointless shooting. I personally was not able to bare the 4 minutes and has to seek forward to see what’s the point of it. Bill featuring in the ad didn’t do it any good either. He’s just not the character people look for like Jobs is. And when he decided to step down from Microsoft, I really don’t think this is the best way back in. TV Ads. Poor ones as well! I really felt sorry. Take a look and see what you think.



For the record, this is not the first time Microsoft has hired actors for promotional purposes. There was this Jennifer Anniston and Mathew Perry featuring Windows 95! Wasn’t WOW, but was better at least.


UPDATE: Turns out I was right. Sienfield and those type of ads are no more, as Microsoft says they are getting for part 2 of their $300 million campagin. Part 1 wasn’t really good enough for a sequel if you ask me.

UPDATE: New Microsoft Ads are out, and they’re not so hot either. Pretty much repetitive,

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  • Hellraiser

    Bill Gates did step down as CEO, however he remained the lead development in R&D. So in reality he was never away. Seeing Bill in ads is nothing new if you ask MS Employee, every year we get to see a myriad of hillarious internal promotional ads with Steve B. Orlando Ayela and the likes. The campaign is not a get back campaign on Steve Jobs. MS has litle to worry from Apple, sure they are a worthy competitors, but realistically they poise 0 threat to MS Business. IMO Bill G does need your grievance as none of the IT leaders of today contributed outside world to make it a better place to live,as much as Bill. Check

  • Bojacob

    I disagree COMPLETELY with the quality of the ad. I absolutely loved every minute of it! I don’t know where it is going, but I thought it’s really clever and entertaining. I’m certainly looking forward to the next one! (Speaking as a mac/linux fanboy too)

    “I have so many cars, I’m stuck in my own traffic!”

    “Are there any monsters in this story?”
    “Yes, but there’s a firewall.”

    Geektastic :D

  • The Talker

    man, the ads are really really bad !

  • Bashar

    Hellraiser: Thanks for the contribution. I personally think MacBooks are pulling away sales from Windows laptops. Look around the cafes and you will notice the ratio. It’s not geeks only anymore. And the ads made Gates him self furious according to some news sources once they started.

    I understand and respect how Gates is contributing to the poor community, even though in an aggressive way. If you recall his remarks on the one laptop per child, were too harsh I say. Still, better than someone who keeps it all for him self. I would prefer to see him keep doing it for rest of his life over those poor ads. Not good of an image for such a genius mind.

    Bojacob: Hmm… you’re going to hell! I mean, I will try to watch them again and try to see it from your angle :)

    The Talker: Some seems to disagree with us :)

  • Don Veto

    I think the ads are interesting, there is a story being told but one ad at a time.

  • skinnybumblebee

    Lol! that last one is like a manual for the manual that was funny.

  • nemo

    Bojacob, Don Veto

    can you explain to me this ad? :S

    althu I love seinfeld (big fan) but I didnt get it!!

  • Bashar

    Don Veto: We shall wait and see. I hope it gets funny. Most people I know who saw it did not make any sense out of it

    skinnybumblebee: Seems there are supporters of this ad :)

    nemo: Exactly my point. They say it may get obvious later on, but I believe they need more eye catchers in the ads to keep people looking. Ofcourse Gates will make many people keep looking.

  • maryam

    I guess the second commercial was more about advertising 95 and I liked it. The first one was just an ad, maybe to get people connected. But I agree with Bojacob, I laughed at those lines too. Let’s see what they’ve got lined up next

  • Bashar

    maryam: Some how I feel insulted for not being enough geek to laugh at it! But actually, they just canceled it and are bringing new stuff. It was so bad indeed it seems :)