Kuwait Blocking YouTube


Unfortunately, this letter is not dated, but it was published today and confirmed by ISPs.

Brief Translation to English:

Subject: Blocking an offensive website to Holy Quran and Holy Prophet

Reference to the above mentioned subject, and in tribute to the book of God and the holy profit, and in compliance to law order # 17 …, which states on banning porn sites and site offensive to the ethics and Islamic regulations, and since there is a site that sings the Holy Quran, God Forbid, and publishes offensive photos of the holy prophet by searching for “Quran singed and composed” in the below mentioned website, therefore you are requested to act upon and block this site immediately.

1- YouTube.com


This is how many Kuwaities started their day. By reading that the site which forms 15% of Kuwaiti traffic, according to one of the ISPs, and the #3 site on all Kuwait traffic according to Alexa, is being blocked, because a minority have published offensive contents. While this is prety rediculous, it’s also pretty much expected. In programming we always say, you give the wrong input, you will get the wrong output. Samething here. You put the wrong person on the job, you get the wrong decisions.

Why do I say that? Is it because I am less of a muslim? Well, maybe I’m not strictly religious, but voting against banning the site comes from various other different reasons:


  1. Referring to YouTube as an offensive site that sings and composes the Holy Quran is a mistake against them. It makes it seem like this is the primary function of the site, they are doing it them selves, and that they are backing i up. Not like it’s few users who might have uploaded this video unnoticed.
  2. Look at the bright side, our Holy Prophet said. When he saw a dead smelly dog, he looked at the white teethes he has, as a lesson to his friends. Now, YouTube is a lot more than a dead smelly dog here. It has millions of videos, some pointless, some fun, and many others are religious that you and your Islamic friends use on day to day basis. A search for Quran by it self brings 244,000 results! Now that seem a lot for an anti-Islamic site to me!
  3. If we hate offensive content to our religion, why do we allow offense on others? What goes around comes around. Our TV, websites, Mosques, and all do show, support, and call for fight against non-muslims, calling them athiests, and our subscription based TV Channels broadcast movies more offensive, making some holy prophets like comedians God Forbid. This is officially estbalished company in Kuwait doing this. Why isn’t there anything to stop it? Local TV is not Ministry of Communicaiton responsibility. Well you can block their site for a start!
  4. I got a email about this subject, saw the video, filed a complain request like any mature person would do to YouTube, and now, if I try to watch the video, this is what I get:
     “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation.”
  5. To prove how silly it is if this blocking takes place, at the time of writing this article, searching for Quran Singed and Composed in Arabic would bring zero results! Instead, this is what I got:


If they still wanna move forward, despite that YouTube did really act upon the video, listned to people complains, and there isn’t really any such videos right now, then I have a list of suggestions to push our country furter forward, carefully selected from Alexa top 100 sites in Kuwait:



  1. Google, Yahoo, and MSN Search: The head of search to all evil things. Block them.
  2. Facebook: There are some athiest and anti-Islamic groups. Don’t try to reach them, educate them, or show your thoughts. Just leave the whole site.
  3. Maktoob.com: Arabic online forums, e-marriage could be abused for dating, movies, horoscopes. This is not Islamic is it?
  4. Kooora.com: All about soccer, mostly European soccer where teams show sponsored Beer and wine ads on their Shirts.
  5. RapidShare: Sharing is not monitored, you can’t tell what your people are sharing. And someone might be secretly sharing offensive content. There must be some of it. Or at least, just to be on the safe side
  6. Travian.ae: Obiously, why should you let your people play as Romanian soldiers in an online game, helping the Romanian empire expand it’s grounds online, when they could be fighting as Islamic ones.
  7. Hi5: Friendship site.
  8. Blogger: Where everything is possible to post, and where we protest against site blocking.
  9. Microsoft.com: It’s a jewish company! What could be worse? Let’s all use Sakhr computers.
  10. Tagged: Again, has offensive videos section
  11. Wikipedia: Anyone can edit an article about anything. Westerns are controlling the article. Kill it
  12. zShare: Again, uncontrollable private file sharing site
  13. Mozook: Online videos, love banners on main page
  14. 4Shared: Private shared videos could go offensive unnoticed
  15. Q8yat: Forum that has Islamic section, umm section for wives and mothers. But hey, there is Halima Boland celebrity in this banner, and then there is a makeup section!
  16. Alwatan: They have a daily comic, and one character is Islami one which they keep making fun of!
  17. bramjnet: Hmm… site is down. We might as well give him a shot of mercy just to make sure
  18. 6rb: Songs, no need to check it even
  19. Orkut: Another social site, encouracing opposite sex to meet
  20. Flickr: If Searching reveals offensive photos, this must be one source for them
  21. Piczo: Mix of photos, music, and videos. Contain offensive, so it is offensive
  22. Metacafe: Has offensive videos as well. Ohh yes, it’s good for soccer goals as well, but still
  23. Photobucket: Photo sharing again
  24. ImageShack: Photo sharing. We already established this is bad enough
  25. Koutbo6: Hmmm… challenging. There is this banner at the top for Eid movies. Those movies has girls in them, and those girls are not respecting our ethics. I don’t think this site is good for Muslims after all
  26. NBK: Reba! non-Islamic loans promoted, and some girl pictures show up. Ohh, and it hurts KFH business also. So block it
  27. SweetIM: Hmm.. nothing infront, but people use those emoticon icons to chat with opposite sex maybe. Let’s not make harsh decisions, we’ll look into it later
  28. Amazon: You can buy EVERYTHING. Everything is certainly not good.
  29. Jeeran: Online community to corrupt arab society
  30. MediaFire: File sharing. Could share harmful files unnoticed
  31. HawaaWorld: It’s an Islamic name, Islamic site, some Islamic hints. Seems good. But they have a makeup section. Na’h. Sorry, not allowed
  32. KFH: If the internet was only KFH! Allow
  33. OzQ8: Songs. Block
  34. KNCC.com: Just censor movies, just ban them. (Didn’t they change their brand to Cinescape. KNCC is still higher in rank :))
  35. Google Syndication: The Google ads, all evil Google ads come from here. 
  36. Kuwait25: Chat, songs. Anti-Islamic
  37. Jazeera Airways: Are you sure they don’t show any bad movies on the flight? What about their waitresses? Maybe they are hot. Take test flight then decide
  38. IMDB: Database of Hollywood movies, photos, info and all. Extremely bad
  39. Google.com.sa: Even Google Suadi Arabia is not porn FREE! Block it
  40. Kuwait Stock Exchange: OK, this is gonna make me on wanted list. But they do trade in companies that run non-Islamic investments. Telecom do sell songs, make draws, bring celebrities and all. This is a door to ivnest in wrong companies. I say we block it
  41. DailyMotion: Hey, you forgot that one also. Like YouTube
  42. WordPress: What people use to create their own blog. BAD BAD
  43. VIP600: Videos. Celebrity Videos. Wrong
  44. Friendster: Make friendship with opposite sex and western world. Never!
  45. DVD4Arab: Has DVDs and songs section
  46. Al-Qabas: They have movies and arts section. Why? Encouraging people to watch those movies. 
  47. MySpace: Again, online social sites
  48. Q8Car: There you go. 2 whole sites now open to browse. Just make sure you don’t buy Jewish cars please
  49. Arabiclub: Well, players are not wearing Islamic shorts. Offensive I guess
  50. StarTimes: Seems a bit Islamic. But there is a games section, and we are forming a committe for game censorship. So we can’t allow others to speak about games. Block. Sorry
  51. ArabEyes: Love SMS, fashion, movies. How did we miss you before?
  52. jsoftj: softwares. Banner for Islamic songs. OK. But a girl is singing those songs. How anti-Islamic. Ban
  53. Wataniya: Well, they do have those celebrity photos and videos. Evil
  54. 6arab: name says it all
  55. Qadsiya Fans: If your shorts were only a bit longer. Ban
  56. Qualitynet: The door to all those problems. Let’s just close them down
  57. 0zz0: File sharing. Banner for Mesyar marriage. What the…? Sorry, I thought we are cleaning net not making it worse. Ban
  58. Kuwait777: Full of women photos. Ane besides, 777 is a registered trademark ;)
  59. Ahram.org.eg: They require authentication! They must be hiding something from us. Ban
  60. Kuwait University: We are still not happy with separated classes, mixed college. Also, you can search for women teacher phone numbers there. Ban until they are completely separated.
  61. Fastelco: What’s that lady doing at your main site? And this is also another door to all corruption out there. Force them to block their sites, and then close them down
  62. Zain: Zain is a wonderful world as the claim, distracting people from the immortal life after death. They should know better
  63. Alrai Media: Their Ramadan contest is offensive (and silly if you ask me!). Block it
  64. Ministry of Education: Well, they do teach music in Schools. Also, the site will list all wome schools, making it tempting to go after girls
  65. BBC: If we blok YouTube, they talk about us. Let’s block them so we don’t hear them
  66. te3p: Bluetooth, clips, photos. Disqualified
  67. itrackit: Directory listing error. We don’t need you anyways
  68. Clicksor: Uncensored Ads. Ban
  69. Saatchi Gallery: You could fine some naked lady arts drawn on walls. Ban
  70. Masrawy: Their comics are offensive to Islamic culture and ethics. Shows badly dressed women
  71. Ask.com: I searched for “Is Islam Good?” and it gave me anti-Islamic results :(. Ban and sue them
  72. ValueClick Media: Another uncensored ad site. Block
  73. Ministry of Interior: Not block. ENJOY :). I suggest introducing extra charge for internet users wh want to use this site as extra feature
  74. CNET Downloads: You can download offensive games from here
  75. Salmiya.net: Place for song downloads. Block please
  76. Islamweb: There, satisfying all needs. Not blocked. 
  77. Galdiatus: Not only half-naked warriors, but you can visually interact with opposite sex in the virtual world. If she wers hejab OK, otherwise welcome to the naughty list
  78. GameSpot: Didin’t we already say no game sites?
  79. Islamway: Approved. This is getting too useful. Maybe internet is not so bad after all. We should riase our prices
  80. Rediff: Indian actors and celebs, vidoes as well. Not good. Not good at all
  81. Gamezer: It basically allows you to play games against the opposite sex? BLOCK
  82. My Ege: Islamic clips. But also, movie and game trailers, clips. Block
  83. Lakii: This is a very nice site for women. My wife gets recipes from it all the time. But what’s with the beauty crap section? Block. No, I don’t need to check it first
  84. Z7mh: movies, celebrities, mixed forums. Blocked
  85. Adobe: This is basically a software, that could eventually allow you to open harmful documents. I don’t feel like giving it to the naive public. I vote block it
  86. United Networks: Another portal to the world of offensive content. Block it
  87. al-wlid: Forum directory, listing Hanan Dashti Makeup bride photos. Block
  88. m5zn: Private file sharing again! Banner for lover forums. Block
  89. Alazrag: A complete site supporting those above-knee short players. And besides, we don’t want people to know we still have national team or intend ot have one. Block it
Pheww… I hope I’m getting paid for this listing. Ohhh and, you may want to consider blocking my site as well!
Snip out of it I say. If you’re gonna treat a blog like a published book. A writer is responsible for a comment even if he deletes it 5 minutes later. One user can ban #3 website in Kuwait, then just write down laws banning all community driven websites, and in fact all individual sites. Any site must be pre-approved and monitored by the ministry, and the whole internet is basically a directory listing of approved sites. That list shouldn’t wrap so many pages I can tell you that.
I am personally positive this is only a matter of time before the rule is revoked, just like it was with Bahrain few years ago. However the matter still stands. On what basis do individual decisions change the way of life of other thousands. On what basis is the filter being made? Why YouTube? Why not other? Was there a contact to resolve the matter before blocking it? We can’t just go turn into China, if that’s what you want.
Below is a list of other protesting bloggers, and I suggest all of them exchange links to the story tohighlight the issue more. This can’t pass by easily.
Other Protesting Bloggers:

UPDATE: Apparently, the guy who signed off the letter didn’t even take the ministry approval before making this decision.

P.S: I got slashdoted hardly for misspelling a critical word :). Prophet fixed!

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  • http://ansam518.blogspot.com Ansam

    I am protesting too! This is insane! Its sad… its a shame! Look where are we getting to! Nowhere!!!!

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  • http://ansam518.blogspot.com Ansam
  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    Ansam: Thanks. Added

  • http://intlxpatr.wordpress.com/ Intlxpatr

    I AM religious, and I go to YouTube all the time. There is a lot of content there that would be offensive to me - if I cared to look at it, which I DON’T! But my niece sends me videos of my adorable grand-nephew on YouTube, family videos, etc. I look up old songs, even religious songs.

    I posted one quickly last week, the Hilary Clinton / Palin skit from SNL and told everyone to look quickly before it was removed! Some of the stuff is removed for copyright reasons.

    It’s just hard for me to believe this is Kuwait. Kuwait the modern, Kuwait the tolerant, Kuwait the cross-roads of ancient times, Kuwait the educated.

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    Intlxpatr: Thanks. I read your post. What you say is absolutely true. The offensive videos are no longer there, and we are using their technology to promote our religion, and expect them just to keep supporting us, while we block them!

  • maryam

    1st thing I did I checked the youtube.com ;P
    The problem is having that person in that place, the issue isn’t with the website is with the content and as I know youtube.com doesn’t publish “porn” as the memo claims! and simply just go to the site and file that this video is offensive and they’ll remove it. better yet, have a whole department called (youtube.com detection/prevention dept.) to monitor and file complains!!
    I laughed while reading the suggested sites, gotta have a look at them before they actually take you up on this and block away. Imagine if all traffic actually went through MOC, a day will come where only KFH is allowed .. wait that’s local, you won’t even be allowed outside the country … LOL now that’s a scary impossible thought but I believe they’ll have someone sign on this too 3adee -I’m having too much fun outta this- ;D

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    maryam: Fun… The word fun today is really offensive you know :)

    I think what we need is just a WIDE LAN for Kuwait ONLY.

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  • http://blasha.com blasha

    meh! meh meh meh >.<!!!!!!

    and they want kuwait to move forward!!!!!

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    blasha: It will move forward, in the opposite direction. You see, there is a step back, and there is running in the opposite direction!

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  • http://negativity-sucks.blogspot.com falantan

    I just confirmed from our main contact with the MoC people, that he talked to the same person who’s name was signed at the bottom of the memo which was published in alJarida, asking him what should we do? should we proceed with the block? and the reply was and I quote “wait, the memo is on hold at the moment”.

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    Thanks for that tip. Memo should be shredded to pieces. It’s not official without required signatures

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  • http://macaholiq8.blogspot.com MacaholiQ8

    Kudos for the list. Couldn’t agree more.

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  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: Did you actually read it :)

  • http://macaholiq8.blogspot.com MacaholiQ8

    Yes I did, what I meant is Kudos for the effort you put in writing that list. It’s hilarious. :)

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: I never thought someone would read the whole list :). Good, effort not wasted at least.

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  • john smith




  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    john smith: Yeah. All they want is Islamic and politics. Also, their side of politics, otherwise its a lie!

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  • http://bleak46n2.blogspot.com bleak46n2

    what can i say?!?!…
    only one word comes to the mind…
    nice article…

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    bleak46n2: Thanks, though full of typos I know :P

  • http://none Corrine

    Allah is so insecure, If God gives truth, what is there to fear, unless of being proven wrong?
    Truth is its own strength.

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    Corrine: Nicely said Corrine. Thank you.

  • http://www.super.ae/ اخبار الرياضة

    typho error happens.. at least you’ve changed it.. ;)

  • http://www.bathmateus.com bathmate

    Good posting….I like this blog…..But need to be more informative.


  • http://www.mygulfcar.com بيع سيارات

    I also really liked it. Really interesting.

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  • لا أتكلم عن اليوتوب بل عن المواقع الهابطة مثل المختصة في الأغاني وغيرها..Ù€

    إلى الكاتب والمعترضين..ـ

    كان الأجدر من الدولة تنظيم الإنفتاح وتحديده بقائمة من المواقع المفيدة والمحترمة وليس السماح بكل شيء فهي من تملك القوانين والتي عليها توقع شركات الأنترنت وتزاول أنشطتها..ـ

    لكن لأن الفساد والمفسدين منتشرين وللأسف لديهم المال والسلطة فهم أصلاً لا يفكرون لا بالتقدم ولا بأن يطوروا المجتمع على مختلف الأصعده، بل هم ومن يساندهم (أمثالكم) معتمدون إعتماد كامل على الغرب وثقافته المنحرفة انظروا إلى اليابان، الصين وكوريا وغيرها وكيف يحافظون على هويتهم الوثنية يا مسلمين ؟!!ـ

    واللي يعلق يقول ليش ما تسمحون بكل شي أنتوا شاكين بدينكم؟! أو بهالمعنى كاتب بالانقليزي طبعا..ـ

    أقول لو انت ريال سواء كنت نصراني او مسلم طبق ما تقول على أولادك الصغار بكل شيء ولا تمنعهم من شيء؟!!ـ

    هل هذا منطق سوي؟

    ملاحظة:ـ أغلب سكان الكويت شباب(إحصائية رسمية)ـ

    والكاتب يقول انا مو “دين” ههههههههههه

    أنا ما شفت عار أكثر من هالعار والخزي اللي احنا فيه..ـ

  • لا أتكلم عن اليوتوب بل عن المواقع الهابطة مثل المختصة في الأغاني وغيرها..Ù€

    عنوان التعليق أعلاه..ـ


    لا أتكلم عن اليوتوب بل عن المواقع الهابطة مثل المختصة في الأغاني وغيرها..ـ


    التقدم والتطور لا يكون بفصل حياتنا عن ديننا..ـ

    Conclusion, no for seculars..

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    بخصوص التخلف، هذه أول مره أجد فيها معلقا يستخدم خانة الإسم لكتابة عنوان.

    “التقدم والتطور لا يكون بفصل حياتنا عن ديننا..Ù€”

    مع الأسف، لم أر التقدم من مدعي الدين، بل رأيت فتاوى تحريم وقرارات منع مواقع ذات فائدة جمه كاليوتيوب، وهو موضوع المقال، وأناس تعلق على الموضوع وهو اليوتيوب بانتقاد مواقع أخرى.

    إذا كنت قرأت المقال (ووعيته) لكنت رأيت اقتباسات من الرسول وحل المشكلة.

    لن تستطيع أبدا حجب كل ما لا يعجبك على الإنترنت، ومواقع ذات فائدة مثل اليوتيوب هي منجم معرفة ولا نسمح لأصحاب عقول متحجرة بحجب هكذا مواقع تخدمنا كل لحظة، ويستخدمها حتى المتدينون لنشر رسالتهم دون أي قيد أو شرط.

    هذا هو موضوع المقال، إن كان لديك مقال آخر، هذا ليس المكان لنشره. التعليق يجب أن يكون ذو علاقة بالمقال لكن يبدوا أنك تحكم وتكون تصور عن كاتب المقال، ثم ترد بما شئت دون أي علاقة بالموضوع. الموضوع هو يوتيوب، والتعليق هو لا أتكلم عن يوتيوب؟

  • Stranger:D

    …If there were no gaming sites then I wouldn’t have the exclusive news to any games at all. =/ What’s so bad about that?

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