MOC: ISPs should protect Kuwaiti websites?

Ministry of Communications representative in Kuwait have made an official weird announcement following several hacks on Kuwaiti websites, stating that the ministry and it’s governmental sites are not ready against hackers attacks (invitation for hackers), and then went on to explain why they are not ready, and why they can’t protect the banks and other corporation sites in Kuwait. He concluded finally by diagnosing the problem somehow as the fault of the ISPs! Saying they should work harder, and invest in providing security mechanisms for those sites!


Correct me if I’m wrong, but what does an ISP have to do with securing someone else’s website? If my site is vulnerable for SQL Injection, how is that the fault of the ISP. If my site has weak or blank passwords, if I am not patching my server with latest updates, or if my server has so many open ports inviting hackers to come in. What part of this actually relates to the ISPs?


It seems MOC was too scared of being hacked and blamed, having no clue about website security, and the actual role of the ISPs, they go on and point fingers to their “Usual Suspect”. The ISPs.


Well then, since it’s a matter of banks security, I guess that makes YouTube second priority to ISPs and MOC. Go figure protecting our sites :).  Meanwhile, we will set our passwords to blank, since it’s your responsibility.

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  • S0lo

    Little knowledge is dangerous.

    Another evidence that MOC officials are too old for this.

  • Bashar

    Solo: I hope they are old and about to retire. My fear is they are young and have decades to retire

  • hilaliya

    MOC officials are still using cables and telexes.

    They might learn about the Fax by the year 2012.

  • Q8GEEK

    they shouldn’t blame ISPs … they should blame the internet rat (some fictional rat I blame whenever something wrong happens)

  • Bashar

    hilaliya: Really? I thought Fax is the hot technology in ministries :)

    Q8GEEK: That could work as well.

  • KTDP

    it’s alot easier to blame an isp that it is to say that there is no way of preventing hacks, sploits(as teh cooool kids say) and defacement of various websites.

  • blasha

    old or young, they always put the wrong people in the wrong places, willa ya rabi someone works in a computer store tells me “shtabeen bel linux, its a windows mobile”!


  • Bashar

    KTDP: My fear is, it’s not only easier, they seem to be ignorant about the fact this is irrelevant to the ISP.

    blasha: :) I met some company owner once and when he saw Linux as required OS he had the weird look on his face: “Who uses Linux?”. Then I said you should support Firefox.
    “And what’s that supposed to be?”


  • MacaholiQ8

    Well I think there’s a small part where ISPs get to be blamed but that’s only if they’re the host for your domain.

    Also ISPs can provide crucial help (internet solutions including online security) but still we can’t hold that against them.

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: Indeed, if they are the host, they are partially liable as a hosting company, not as an ISP.

    Providing online security solution might be an extra charged for service, as consulting and such. But again, irrelevant. If my site has open ports, heck best ISP can’t do anything about it.

  • Marzouq

    What a bunch of idiots, don’t they even know that ISPs refuse outside security intervention of any sort! There is no way they are going to allow an ISP to provide security for a bank/financial institution since it means they have access to their sensitive data or routing protocols!

    And MOC is the main ISP of the country! So they are practically blaming themselves! idiots!

  • Q8GEEK

    ISPs should held responsible if something like the comcast DNS incident

    but other than that, i think they should blame no one but the internet rat!

  • Bashar

    Marzouq: Yeah, which is why they jumped out blaming other ISPs :P

    It’s one thing being ignorant. It’s another thing showing it to the world. Silence is a sign of wisdom people say. When you speak, you make mistakes :)

    Q8GEEK: LOL at the post :). Guess we don’t have the passion for it.

  • Dr.Leos

    What you say is correct, Bashar. But the problem is wider. There are fields where a help for web publishers is reasonable and doable.

  • Bashar

    Dr.Leos: Hmm, I’m not sure exactly how. But at all rates, MOC is missing the whole point. Clearly they didn’t know what they’re saying :)

  • Dr.Leos

    Bashar: All claims should be understood in contexts, even sometimes the “hidden” content is more important than the “visible” one. :-)