Be the First to Know about Google Chrome for Mac

If you are a Google Chrome fan owning a Mac, you probably want to go here and sign-up for the Google Chrome for Mac news update, and get instant notification once the Mac browser version is out (in Beta ofcourse :)

In their words “Google Chrome for Mac is in development and a team of engineers is working hard to bring it to you as soon as possible.” I am really glad to hear about this, but I hope it’s not the reason PC Chrome is not getting good enough attention.

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  • Sabeur

    I tried it … wasn’t stable tho

  • Bashar

    Sabeur: Really? How. did it crash? It did crash on me occasionally, but overall much better than Firefox.

  • 3baid

    Before Chrome, there was Fluid. Take a look at it :)

  • Bashar

    3baid: I fixed it. I Changed history! How do you like traveling in time :)

    Fluid! Sounds interesting. How come it didn’t get popular. Or did it?

  • tone Health

    I guess mac has very lower market share thats the reason google is not in hurry for it. Still need to wait and watch.

  • Bashar

    tone health: I see your point, however Mac has recently really started to take over big portion of the market, and Google is already working on a version of Chrome for Mac. It’s just that Windows version was first

  • june rudolph

    I need to know how to easily navigate chrome’s features