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If you ask me, this is something that might get really big and boom, and it’s already on TechChrcunch 50 Finalists. GoPlanit.com is the site to help you plan and schedule your trip A-Z. You start by specifiying your destination, and then you will get the list of top hotels, restauratans, and activities. But this is all too typical. What’s unique is, you can start planning your trip there by creating an itenary than can be public to others, or private to your self. You will specify the arrive and departure dates, then through a slick AJAX interface start nailing down what you want to do each hour of every day. You get to pick from the list of available places, or create and add your own attraction, which will show as a Recognitio award on your page. An estimated cost of the trip will be added to the net total as well if a price is associated with, say a restaurant.

What makes this travel site potential to me is:

  1. It allows you to easily visualise and manage your trip, get some assistance from others who’ve been there while doing it.
  2. Your trip then will be a reference for others, if you allow it, thus enriching the whole site content.
  3. Ability to share your trip plan with the friends and family traveling with you.
I would not feel comfortable however sharing all my trip details with others ahead of time. Personally, I would keep it private, and then reedit it after my return and share it with others. In any way, the site content is still being built and gathered, so lots and lots of places will return empty results, so that’ something they should be working on, and they seem to be heading in the right direction.
A cool thing to have I guess once the site has rich enough content is some intelligence. Imagine a lazy trip planner like me saying I wanna spend 1 week in Barcelona, I like historic places, science and technology, sport, and voila! Planned trips to the Museum of City of Barcelona, some tours for science & technology museums, malls, and a ticket for the derby match as well :). How cool would that be?
If you do sign-up however, you may want to step into the privacy section of your settings, make sure you have everything as per your convenience. Otherwise, everything you do (even gift buying) is public.

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  • http://test mohammed

    maaaaaan fix ur url link . it is not going to goplanit.com :/ . haaaaaa e3teref cham daf3enlek

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    mohammed: :P. Sorry, by mistake as I added Techniquest to GoPlanit when I was writing this post.

    Fixed. Take 10% and shutup! @@ Last offer

  • http://www.tonehealth.org tone Health

    This seems to be a cool site. I will surely use this site for my coming trip.

  • http://www.goplanit.com Jimmy Ku

    Hi Bashar,

    Thanks for the great review of GoPlanit. We are absolutely working towards the two things you had mentioned - (1) more content for more destinations and (2) a travel planning tool that does the work for you to help you create that perfect trip.

    We currently support over 100 destinations and within the next few months, we triple the number of destinations that we support. I’ll be sure to give you a heads up when that happens.

    As for our recommendation engine (“Plan it and go” button), we are working on our next version as we speak. Right now, it’s a search and discovery tool that provides a list of popular items, highly rated items, and friend recommendations while taking into account location, hours of operation, and your stated preferences. As we continue to flush out the preferences, users will be able to tell us exactly what they are looking for and we should be able to populate a pretty good starting itinerary.

    Lastly, I wanted to point out that we’ve just launched a dynamic distance search within the planning tool. Now, you can search for nearby things to do and see while you’re planning. This should help travelers find what they’re looking for and discover new and interesting things to do and see.

    Thanks again!
    Jimmy Ku
    COO, GoPlanit.com

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    tone health: Yeah, it is quite promising.

    Jimmy Ku: Thanks very much for taking the time to fill this page up with the useful information about the site. Content is the main subject now so if you’re moving at this rate, I guess you won’t be facing problems with traffic.

    Will look forward for any updates.

    Thanks and keep it up.