Google SearchWiki Launches But…

So Google finally launched their SearchWiki service to the public, and right now, anyone who is Googling while logged in to his Google Account should get options to Promote, Remove, and add comments to the specific result.

That may not be something really people wanna do all the time, but sometimes it could become useful when you’re certain you don’t want a certain result which keeps popping up. This however is throwing the intelligent search result customization part on the user him self, rather than what was expected to be a Google intelligent personalized result. I really failed to see any obvious improve in the intelligent Google search result personalization. Has anyone noticed an improve or change? For example while logging in getting better results?


Anyways, what I would really want from this service is unfortunately missing. Removing individual links is a tedious and very unuseful job I believe, rather, I would want to remove a whole domain from my results. There are many domains which require fees to access, or are full of junk, and for quite some time I have been digging for a solution to do what many other people want



They started as perhaps the best technical forum community, and then locked all the valuable content from public, charing anyone who wants to access those answers that were initially contributed by the public, for the public. (I sound like a candidate… vote for me). So I hate how their results keep popping in my face, and I really want a way to stop them. I have seen previous posts about doing it, but for some reason this option is not available anymore. You cannot block a whole domain, and what good would it do if I want to keep blocking each and every experts-exchange page!


I would guess the reason to disallow this is Google don’t wanna get into trouble. What if a site sues them for allowing people to block them. It’s unnecessary headache perhaps for Google don’t you think?


Anyways, watch the video to see what this SearchWiki is all about, and then forget it!


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