Spam Does Not Pay

So there I was, angry while waiting for the late company delivery when I received an Arabic SMS from sender Message. My smart phone is not smart enough to read Arabic yet (I’m too lazy to reformat it in other words), so I just saw the number in the SMS and called it from a phone line:


Me: Hello

Him: Hi

Me: Did you just send me SMS?

Him: Yes.

Me: Well! What is it? (forgot I was supposed to already know the message content, thinking this might be a friend)

Him: Yeah we do web site design if you like.

Me: (Man you so much got the wrong guy at the wrong time) 

No Thank you.

Him: OK.

Me: (Not gonna let it go easy) Where did you get my number from?

Him: Oh we just send bulk SMS to all numbers

Me: Ohh… so you just disturb everyone in case some few people are interested?

Him: Well, some people are interested.

Me: Well, there are newspaper designed for ads you know?

Him: Yes. 

Me: So you can use them.

Him: Yes, sorry for bothering.

Me: OK. 

(I Hang Up)


To his credit, he was more decent than I thought over the phone, he took my harsh message well. However those people just don’t realize bothering thousands of people to target tens is a lot of disturbance. It drives people away rather than gets them, and website design is not like something you go searching for. Such services are all over the area.

I do not blame those spammers however. And neither do I blame the telecom companies in the first place. Their job is to maximize revenue in any way possible. If you were a manager, what would you do? The only one to blame is MOC over all of this, for taking it too easy, and not criminilizing any of those SMS Spam practices, keeping completely shut about them.

On the other hand, I was looking today at an official paper that should be signed by the ministry to clear out from the customs any routers, switches, or devices that might have to do anything with VoIP technology. It should testify not to use it for any illegal (though human beneficial) way, such as making VoIP international calls (all that MOC cares about).


I think in our 21st Century, the new slogan should be “Spam Does Not Pay”. At least, it doesn’t do as good as crime does it?

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  • maryam

    LOL, you reminded me when I spent time complaining about the bulk messages from Zain and tried to argue with the support that there must be a way to detect spammers that send to a bulk so often!

    yeah VOIP clearance! It takes forever BUT it’s a MOC must to protect us all from all that is unholy and evil ;P

  • Bashar

    maryam: Yeah, they just dont care. Zain them selves offer bulk SMS deals. Pay certain money to send SMS to all people in Bayan for instance. Or else, they would give away your number to companies, and after that, there is no way out!

    VoIP… they just reduced international call rates today to fight this (thahera salbiya)

  • Bashar

    maryam: By the way. What happened to your blog? Wasn’t bad at all.

  • Ansam

    yeah he took it really well! some of them would just keep on going like the energizer bunny!!! ughhhhhh

  • nemo

    lol maskeen

    they should have some “policies, laws” to prevent those spammers

    we have the zain software at work to send the bulk msgs to staff, i retrieve the numbres for PR but they can add whatever list they want … its easy!

    How can you prevent such a thing? when you have the software you can send to any list of numbers

  • Bashar

    Ansam: Indeed. I’m glad he didn’t. I was really in a bad mood.

    nemo: Yes but in that case, if a single person complains, I know they will ban this company account. Which is silly when Zain on the other hand is selling bulk spam SMS right?

  • MacaholiQ8

    I *F-word+ing* hate mass marketing through SMS and phone calls. This might be cruel but as soon as I know that the one on the other side of the line is some company/service representative I hang up. No arguments.

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: No, it’s not cruel at all. They are calling you from land line over your mobile phone, costing you money so that they make money. Others may call at land line when I am about to enjoy my feature movie, or play PS3. Doesn’t compare to me :)