PS3 Green Light On and System Won’t Start

I had this weird problem yesterday knowing I have not done any video setting changes, nor recall a pending software installation. When I start the PS3, green light comes up and then nothing happens. Insert the Game into the slot, blue light blinks and again nothing happens. No video, no sound, and no, it’s not output setting problem as many others have guessed in forums. Try to assign your wireless controller and you’ll know. It doesn’t. If it was on, output and controller assigning I assume should be two separate things.


I was hoping for some reason it’s replaceable hardware failure rather than software one in a closed box like this. I didn’t know about the system restore feature.


  1. With the PS3 in Standby mode (Red light on), press and hold the Start button until you hear a single beep, followed by double beeps.
  2. Connect the controller using USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.
  3. Now, the system restore screen (or whatever they call it) will come up like this

  4. You have several options here for restoring the system, some will unfortunately wipe up all your data, others will make you lose the file naming. For me, I tried the option top-bottom and eventually had to do the Restore PS3 System. Luckily, all I had were demos, trailers, and game saves. only game I was really playing now was Prince of Persia. I felt terrible still though, but much better than if I was playing Ninja Gaiden or MGS right? Or let’s say a game Fallout!

Sharing it for others with same misfortune. Guess we’ll need the PS3 included in the backup plan then.

UPDATE: Alan is suggesting a better solution in the comments that I did not get to test my self, but see if it helps.

“I have found a way to keep all your saved data with this problem.
Follow the steps above but first download the latest firmware update from the playstation website and save it onto a USB key. Follow the steps and choose the bottom option “SYSTEM UPDATE”. Wait for it to update and it should restart with all your music, videos and gamesaves.”

Thanks Alan and everyone else who contributed in the comments.

UPDATE: This simple post keeps getting better with contributions by you guys, thanks a lot for you all. This is a very helpful link with videos to fix the PS3 Yellow Light of Death. Thanks banditopeepuk for the link.

UPDATE 2: So many people are still facing similar issues, and I’m sorry if this suggested solution does not help all of you. Please try the comments below as there are plenty of other tips that might help. Michael pointed out the PS3 controller reset button I didn’t know about. Hope that helps.

NOTICE: To better help identify the problem, it is better if you specify your PS3 version, model, and year of manufacture. E.g, PoS3/40 GB, Manufactured Sept 2007. Thanks Amediar for the tip.

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  • Sharon Pheby

    Is it also safe to play movies on ps3 please.
    Thank you. Oh and I have been playing copy,s !!!!!!!???

  • Device Hard Reset

    Factory data reset may be solve the problem. When I face like as problem I try to solve it via hard reset or factory data reset.