One Wish List for All - Amazon Universal Wish List

The Amazon wishlist is a really handy tool for me and many others, though most people use it for it’s intended purpose, which is let others know what to buy you as a gift, it still remains the easiest place to keep my wish list. Though I personally still believe a bit of Ajax would make it much more easy to use, as it currently is a bit time consuming to manage, it still is better than storing your wanted items in a separate sheet somewhere else.


Now, and I’m not sure really for how long it’s been there, Amazon have improved their wishlist to allow you inclusion of items outside of Amazon site. Basically, you bookmark any page on the web on your Amazon Universal Wishlist, specify the price, as there is no intelligence in it, and add any comments you may like. Not very much advanced universal wishlist I know, but does the job if you’re looking frequently for stuff outside of Amazon.


Outside? So why does Amazon encourage it?

  1. Increased customer loyalty through the added value of service
  2. We’re basically letting Amazon know what are we planning to buy from other shops. I.e., the money that’s not gonna go in their pockets. Have you ever filled a survey where it says if you don’t shop here, where do you usually go? This is pre-emptive type of it. Before you buy, not after. And they know from where exactly. They may setup an ambush for you if it’s a pretty good deal. Naah, just kidding :). But it is providing them with valuable information if people do use it intensively.

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  • maryam

    currently on personal wish list, Tomb Raider - underworld ;)

  • 3baid

    Amazon, in more than one way, has truly revolutionized online shopping and set incredible standards for user experience. :)

  • Bashar

    maryam: That’s it? I’m too greedy then with 4 pages and growing. Not to mention I am buying constantly.

    3baid: Indeed. Funny how Jeff Bezos did his study and analysis inside a book store coffee shop, only to become times larger. They do seem to be slightly lowering the standard however. The tone and level of support is not the same I used to get back in 2002.

    Still, doesn’t change a word of what you said.

  • MacaholiQ8

    Aside from Amazon collecting valuable information for them to improve their service I would love to see them consider adding those products to their inventory so we can directly order them through their trusty service. Now that would be awesome. :)


    I think Amazon’s Universal Wishlist is great, but if you’d prefer a more store-neutral approach, check out You can make multiple lists from any store - online or off. We too have a bookmarket to allow to easy add gifts from anywhere. And yes, it works with all the stuff from Amazon.

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: You’re absolutely right, and I guess that’s what they want. Did you know there is a link at Amazon (or used to be) that you can report a lower item price some where else. If you do, they will try to reconsider and beat it.

    I was just about to order an item yest, and $40 difference was not worthy for me risking an unknown (though with good reviews) site.

    NoFruitCake: Thanks for sharing that site and all the best of luck. I guess Amazon advantage is they already have the largest market so ppl are more likely to save their wish list there.

  • tone health

    I was always looking further to have this feature with amazon and finally it is up, I will use this at my best.

  • Bashar

    tone Health: So where do you buy other than Amazon if I may ask. Maybe somewhere of interest :)