Finally, RSS Links In Sidebar Fixed

For some time now the sidebar RSS Links were not working, as it was referring to<?php bloginfo(‘rss2_url’); ?>”

 I didn’t know what’s the problem at the time, and why the PHP code was not being executed. I put it on my long todo list and forgot about it until early this morning. You know how sometimes you wake up from bed for no good reason and launch the editor?


I recalled then I have switched to Widgets sidebar a while ago, and as I expected I used the Text Widget for the Subscriptions box. When I should’ve used the added PHP Code Widget Plugin. I already have it used, but didn’t notice this box has PHP code in it during migration.


I’m not sure why this widget isn’t included by default in WordPress, and as I see it, it’s better to have one default box that handles both Text and PHP code, which is what the PHP Code Widget does. I think I’m gonna stick to it for all text and PHP widgets.

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