Create and Edit with PDF-XChange Viewer

My favorite program for reading PDF documents has been Foxit Reader for sometime. My inlaw however showed me this PDF-XChange Viewer which has different levels of licenses, you can get the basic version for FREE. What’s great about this software, besides being light and fast to load, is the ability it gives you for editing your PDF documents with labels, signs, hyperlink areas and much more. It even allows you to create a new PDF document from scratch through a nice editor. Some features are only in the Pro version though, or otherwise label your document with “Demo” words.


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  • MacaholiQ8


    Simply PDF made easy… I don’t know if there’s anything more efficient than this application for Mac users, and the good part is that it comes built-in OS X.

  • 3baid

    Foxit Reader < 4 MB
    PDF-XChange = 13 MB

    Guess which would I’d pick? :P
    I rarely edit PDFs anyway.

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: Its best for viewing. Doesn’t edit :)

    3baid: Yeah, you told me about Foxit :). Still, sometimes (even if rare) you need to edit so it’s good thing to have on the side.

  • MacaholiQ8

    You said “My favorite program for reading PDF documents…” :P

  • nemo

    I’ll keep it in mind, i have never edited a pdf but ppl were coming to IT asking about this kind of software that edits a pdf


  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: You like picking on my posts but I don’t see the mistake yet :). Yes, Foxit is for reading, however there is PDF-XChange for reading and editing. I will hold ground to what I said for now :)

    nemo: Hope this helps them then :)

  • Mahbob

    I will try it me friend and give feed back.

  • Bashar

    Mahbob: Would love to hear it :)

  • crmartes

    Anybody have heard about Skim for Mac Os users? It is definitely the best equivalence to pdf-xchange viewer. I can say that it is even better than that pdf editor for windows.
    I was a mac user until one year ago and I tried to find some similar pdf editor for Skim. I think that pdf-xchange for windows is the best choice to edit and make notations in pdf docs.

  • Bashar

    crmartes: Thanks. Turns out I have it on my Mac. I needed to edit files once and it wasn’t so easy without the right tool :)

  • Arnab

    I recently bought a mac after using windows machines all my life and one of the many things I miss is a decent pdf editor. On my windows computers I use pdf-x change viewer, and I agree with Bashar that it is certainly one of the best out there.

    Skim for mac doesnt hold a candle to pdf x change viewer; the number of things the latter can do is amazing. I ended up having to use pdf x-change viewer via a wine layer, which although functional, is not ideal.

    Anyway, thought I’d add my 2 cents.

  • Olivi

    PDF-XChange Viewer is a Windows app and there it works outstanding. It gets faster and has intelligible interface and has many features to work with pdf-files. Lots of features (90%) are free, such as Page Thumbnails, Stamp Tool, Sticky Tool, adding/editing Bookmark, Comments, XFA form etc. Also I like it for the possibility to customize its user interface.