Call of Duty: World at War for $34.98 at Amazon


Call of Duty: World At War is available at Amazon as deal of the day for $34.98 on both PS3 and Xbox 360. That’s less than 10 KD. It’s one day offer if you want it. Frankly, I wasn’t thinking about it but the price was so tempting to resist :).

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  • MacaholiQ8

    I need to get a PS3 first. :/

  • maryam

    Amazon don’t ship games to Kuwait directly due to “warranty restrictions and import/export laws”! My Tomb Raider is stuck in my amazon cart!! ya3nee I have to ship it to an aramex account as a work around!! I believe they charge a bit too much :(

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: Well, they’re so cheap now. Go ahead get it. But ofcourse you will need the Bravia with it :)

    maryam: You never mentioned you’re a gamer for a start! I’ve been ordering games from Amazon through Aramex for long time. If you order one game, it may not be much of a saver usually. However 2 for 15 KD each + 3 KD shipping, thats 16.5 each. A third game and it’s a bit more cheap then. Compared to how some top seller games reach 22 KD. This is for PS3. For Wii, the saving is much larger, and with the dollar price now, it’s still a good bargain.

    So for Call of Duty, 9.5 KD + 3 = 12.5 KD. You are lucky if you get it for 18 KD in the local market.

  • neoark25

    i have two CoD5 :p

  • Bashar

    neoark25: What do you do with them?

  • neoark25

    play them on my 2 ps3 :p

    one for me, and one for my brothers, and i have 2 CoD4

  • Bashar

    neoark25: Yeah I thought so :) thought that’s still a bit too much for a retired gamer dont you think :)

  • neoark25

    i’m not retired gamer, i’m retired hardcore gamer

    still play games, but not as hardcore :p

  • Bashar

    neoark25: Ohh K. More liked wise up :). Guess that makes me the same too.