Amazon “What We Think” Summary Section

If you’ve been recently to some of Amazon’s product detail pages, you may have noticed the new “What We Think” box on the right side. It’s a new box for quick summary review from Amazon about the product, listing the good, the bad, and some quick numbers. While this feature is still not always available, when it is, I see it pretty useful for an initial judgment. You will most likely want to look at end user perspective if the product is reviewed well by Amazon, but not otherwise.

The fear of neutrality in the review exists ofcourse, but so far I have not noticed it. Another thing is, Amazon does not seem to be making this review about their own Kindle product. Makes sense doesn’t it?

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  • MBH

    Almost all such services start neutral, until some time has passed and money is sprinkled upon them to “enhance the shopping experience”

    I wouldn’t get the specs of any shopping site; just the model number and the work myself.

    Even newegg failed me once. Had me order a motherboard and fit with the wrong processor family.

  • Bashar

    MBH: Truly sad what you say. Let’s hope this one is at least a partial exception

  • maryam

    well I wouldn’t trust site’s review, for ex. PC world will list their test techniques and usually this is their field! and I take it in consideration.

    Customer review is sometimes personal and different from your own… I still will do some research and build my own and decide on that

  • Bashar

    maryam: yeah, but problem is, ppl tell you about their family story before they get to the review sometimes :)

    I dont say it’s the decisive box, but it’s a good place to start.