ZoneAlarm Blocking TinyURL


I have been dazzled for so long about why TinyURLs never seem to work for me while everyone else is happy with it. Bad luck I thought or a common problem people are living with. But today after I received some Twitter feedback and tried it again I noticed, it was ZoneAlarm blocking it all along!



This, in addition to the continuously occuring loss of internet connection problem is driving me back to Kaspersky I guess.

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  • Shaymaa

    Congrats! Goodbye ZoneAlarm!

  • Bashar

    Shaymaa: But I don’t understand two things about Kaspersky:

    1- Screaming woman everytime virus is detected. This ain’t Resident Evil you know?

    2- I tried to buy online version several times, all failed. Ever their sales people didnt answer my email!

  • Rayboy

    Why dont you try Eset Smart Security

  • Bashar

    Rayboy: Hmmm.. First time I hear of it, though I did hear of NOD32. Rings a bell.

    Thanks for the reference, I will keep it in mind when I’m shopping. Did you try and enjoy it?

    1- Is it secured?
    2- Is it Resource friendly
    3- Is it user friendly? No annoying HEY, I JUST SAVED YOUR … BY BLOCKING THIS PROCESS, which eventually you really want to run :)

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