IE8 RC1 Benchmarks… SLOWEST?

Internet Explorer 8 RC1 speed benchmarks have been released by ZDNet Australia, and guess what? Chrome is number 1, and the positively reviewed IE8 so far still falls maginicintly behind when it comes to speed at least. 


IE8 RC1 Speed Benchmarks

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I really I’m liking IE8, but it’s all interface and functionality. Haven’t felt the speed part yet, especially when I’m running multiples together or playing my online games

maryam: What runs slower is bound to crash faster :)

What type of online games we’re talking about?

For me with Chrome, I like open 20 chrome tabs and can’t almost feel anything slowing.

what I meant is I haven’t felt it, because I didn’t test it yet!

mostly yahoo, msn online games, flash and java

Webkit for the win! :O

I have many problem with IE 8 even exchange 2007 OWA is not working on this new browser It have many bugs still not working properly with me!

Don’t try this at home :P

yeah I only installed IE8 at work and tested our intranet on sharepoint but our exchange is still 2003, so no problems there :)

maryam: I C. Well, you let us know how it goes then :). By the way, IE8 may still be a lot of improvement over IE7, its just that it falls behind other browsers

3baid: Second that.

Mahbob: My IE @ home is still 6. Trust me I wont (except for expermintal purposes)

Ohh sorry 3baid, we should address you Eng 3baid for some time. Just to give you good feeling about it :>

The only folks still using IE are the ones who haven’t tried FF or Chrome. It’s a dinosaur… big, slow, dumb!

Chrome has been my default browser since it launched as a beta product.

Hyder: Me 2. However some commenters here did try one or the other and somehow stick to IE!

IE 6 o bs :p

wanted to say that firefox is not the same on linux firefox on windows is perfect! while on linux sucks big time!!!!!!!!!!

nemo: I hate your first part of the comment
I sadly agree with the second. It does crash and run slower. But if you judge it as sucks big time, where does that leave IE 6 then?

Do you want to send error? No tabs (although I think there is a hack for it), memory intensive, processor beast. Nothing tops Chrome in stability and performance in my experience.

Web devs have nightmares of IE6 ruining their otherwise perfectly written applications.

Chrome does lack a couple of features right now… RSS, FTP, XML view and of course, plugins.

But its way too intuitive than both IE and FF, generations ahead of IE in fact. I remember the old days when I had to shut down all my IE windows because one had crashed. Chrome tabs run in seperate processes.

Hyder: Indeed, the process per tab is revolutionary. But they need to add more features to it.

The slowest one can be an impossible one in some case! To see what do I mean, use chrome, firefox, ie8 to view the following page

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