Top 10 Video Game Pre-Orders

I got this email from Amazon for top pre-order video games and thought of sharing it, see what you recommend/think:

1- Mario Power Tennis: Probably

2- KILLZONE 2: Definitely

3- PIKMIN: Unlikely

4- Resident Evil 5: Very Likely

5- Empire - Total War: Not Considering

6- Warhammer Dawn of War II: Maybe, but I need a new PC if I want it!

7- Halo Wars: Not an Xbox owner

8- Street Fighter IV: Not Considering

9- Pokemon Platinum: Not Considering

10- Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars: Not a DS Owner


So 2-3 games maybe. I hope I dont get overdragged. What about you?

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  • maryam

    I’m just surprised that Mario tennis game is no. 1!!! Is it because they can swing the hand controller? Just wondering …

  • Bashar

    maryam: Well I’m not sure if it’s ranking or date of release, or just a number! :)

    An interesting point though is how popular Wii is outside (usually number 1), and it’s only # 3 in Kuwait it seems

    Hyder Alamgir: LOL. So there are others who aren’t mario fans as well :). I did play more recent games, but I’m not a fan of it. Still, Nintendo are utilizing their classics pretty smart to dominate

  • FS

    I didn’t like the Killzone demo :/
    Pikmin is actually a great game, one of the best Gamecube games and it would work a lot better with Wii control.
    Resident Evil 4 for sure.
    Street Fighter 4 also for sure.

    Basically anything Capcom makes :P

  • Bashar

    FS: Really? I didn’t try the demo yet, but trailers were more than awesome. After all this wait if it turns out to be lame its really a shame. I will check the demo, thanks.

    Pikmin I think is lovely from what I’ve seen, though not my type and neither I got the time for it :)

    CAPCOM Fan.. Can’t talk against that :>