Microsoft Gazelle - A More Secured Browser?

After the continuos slip in IE market share to Firefox and the quickly emerging Google Chrome, Microsoft researchers seem to be working on a new web browser that tries to turn things around in the way they treat web pages. While Google Chrome treats each tab as a process by it self, Gazelle, which relies on a what’s called a “browser kernel”, will take each part of the web page as a separate element, arguing that a trusted parent page may contain an iframe to an untrusted website content. While true, this seems to be a fix for what Microsoft Windows faces the most, which is security, and on the other hand sacrifices on the performance side which is much more needed nowadays with the WEB 2.0, and some calling for the WEB 3.0 bubbles, turning the browser and site into a full-fledged applications.

Due to the complex nature of the way it processes Web pages for better security, the browser’s performance is more tortoise than gazelle, but the researchers think a few tweaks can make it faster.

I believe the highlighted gazelle reference is supposed to be IE instead. Otherwise the sentence wouldn’t make a lot of sense to me. If true, and with IE already the slowest, how much tweaking can they put into the browser to bring it to the level of the slowest, which is already too slow!

via InfoWorld.

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  • nemo

    they never made sense :p

  • Aggz

    Personally, I feel Google’s chrome is much faster than IE or Firefox, even if it’s still slightly less stable than Firefox.

  • Bashar

    nemo: Ever read the quote “The day Microsoft invents something that doesn’t suck is the day Microsoft starts making Vacuums” :P

    Aggz: Agree. Chrome is a bit faster than Firefox, and times faster than IE.

  • MBH

    Ya m3awwad 5al ysan3oon el OS malhom awal!!

    ygoolek secure! LOL!!! BEGI9OON 3ALA MENO???

  • Bashar

    MBH: LOL. Yeah 7adda. They seem like a drawning kid trying everything he can

  • MacaholiQ8

    God bless Safari. :)

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: Not after Chrome is there ;)

    And even before, it’s Firefox for me

  • ziko

    weeeeee want netescape to come back :P .

  • Bashar

    ziko: HAIL NETSCAPE!

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