Big Giant Down

Did you ever wonder how long a man can live without Gmail? Now you can live it!

UPDATE 1: Thank God crisis is gone! I heard that Gmail’s POP/IMAP was still working at the time though. Now that Gmail is back up (for me at least), I still can’t find an official answer on Google’s Official Blog or any other site, not even a mention the problem is gone. So I would assume it’s partly solved so far!

Good thing for people using Gmail offline, they could still move on. Probably some harsh marketing of the feature, but it works!

UPDATE 2: Google’s update on Gmail fix still does not explain the root of the problem. Let’s wait and see.

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  • Nosayba

    It felt terrible. The moments were passing by slowly; I paused every other task I was working on and kept refreshing that page every 3.5 seconds. Thank God it’s back.

  • Bashar

    Nosayba: I’m glad I was asleep! Gmail update still does not clarify problem root! Weird how you can fix the problem and not know the root of it, at least in a company like Google.

    Let’s wait and see.

  • MBH

    Dude, I had ONE email unread in the inbox and I just couldn’t read it for over an hour!! It was frustrating!

    But GMail is free and I wouldn’t mind a downtime of a whole day even :p

  • Nosayba

    MBH Don’t say that :|

  • MacaholiQ8

    Was it really that bad? Cuz I missed it. I didn’t check my gmail today until now.

  • Bashar

    MBH: LOL. One Unread! I’m surprised Gmail didnt loose count on mine :). But no, every night I wanna go to sleep like any human being, I end up opening the email and replying to people!

    Nosayba: Second you here.

    MacaholiQ8: Well simply imagine you can’t use your web Gmail for 2.5 hours, and you really need to. How bad would it be :/

    Funny still no update from Google on the cause of it. Is it a hack they don’t wanna talk about?

  • maryam

    LOL, what when … I was wrapped in my work mess, work-home-work … didn’t notice it ;P

    OK, I’m making an official memo and distributing it, even the big guys have hiccups ;P

  • Bashar

    maryam: Yeah, perfect excuse for your running disaster :)

  • MBH

    Here’s some info on what happened.

  • Shaymaa

    POP/IMAP was working fine, just the gmail website was down.

  • Bashar

    MBH: Thanks, but this seems like a phishing attack immediately after the outage, and not the cause of the outage.

    Shaymaa: Yeah, so you dont seem to care :). Still unexplained.

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