Tip for Amazon: Measure twice, cut once!

Amazon 12 minutes DVD in 60!

So which one is it? 12 or 60?

77 Mins on 550 Disks!

Sounds more boring than Commodore Sierra games!

Amazon 22 pounds backpack
Not even with the laptop inside should it weight 22 pounds!

Amazon 1 Star Recommendation

Now why would you recommend a 1 star item to me? Is my choice that bad?

This is both sad and ironic. Such mistakes are becoming more frequent by Amazon. Is it data entry error? Is the data coming like this from the source and no double checking is made? The 1 Star rating is a definite bad logical decision to include 1 star items in the recommendation list! I mean who would go and suggest such a thing. I have also had Everybody Loves Raymond series collection sent to me marked as Photo Frame, and a camera lens marked as Jewelery item. Now how bad can this package be if your wife sees it and there is no jewelery inside!

For the sake of God Amazon, we don’t expect such things from you. These are clear obvious errors, but it makes a man wonder about everything else he reads in the specs. Have I not noticed the weight is way too high for the backpack to be reasonable, I was about to cancel the order. At least I hope the weight was wrong!

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I ordered a camera filter once with my hand on my heart, it was listed with “8 Pounds”! Turned out to be “8 Ounces”.

Shame on Amazon.

MacaholiQ8: LOL :P. You took the risk. I will let you know my backpack weight :S

Download an episode off a torrent site, see its length.

Download the whole show and see if it’s worth it.

If you like it, buy it. That’s the point behind the so called *piracy*

Why would I buy a movie that’s all about explosions and sex and has no plot? It’s not even worth paying 2.5KD in cinema because of all the shawerma (extreme cutting).

Download it, see it, delete it and never watch it again.

MBH: LOL. Yeah, that’s white piracy. I sometimes do what you say partially. Watch some part, not all of it and see.

I’m not sure if you’re referring to certain movie about explosion and sex or just a general statement. My main issue here is not that, but why does Amazon give such wrong information. I can’t pirate a bag to see how heavy it is for instance.

It was a general statement. Most (if not all) movies now have sexual scenes (soft or hard).

It sounds weird that they’re shipping the DVDs in a backpack!

Contact them and see if it’s a mistake.

MBH: No, Maybe I didn’t explain it correctly. Backpack is an item, and DVDs are another item. I’m just posting collection of things that Amazon are missing up with incorrect data. :)

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