Google Voice coming soon…

Google Voice is a new upcoming VoIP service based on the GrandCentral service but with more improvements, providing rich set of features like call screening, blocking, voicemail transcript, international calls, SMS, and many others.

Such a ground breaking service is already a threat to the telephone and mobile operators, but ofcourse they have to fight to earn their position. One can only guess how the coughMOCcough in Kuwait will take good care of it!

Checkout the videos meanwhile on Google Voice page.

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  • 3baid

    Sweet! :D

  • Bashar

    3baid: Yeah, just keep it low profile!

  • MacaholiQ8

    They’d do anything to “illegalize” this !

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: No, they’d just say it’s illegal. In this country, they dun need to justify!

  • weeknds

    wow, this is a nice news
    i was waiting this service since loooooong time
    3ad enshalla et9eer el prices the cheapest

  • Bashar

    weeknds: I think the service is FREE. Whether it’s gonna be blocked or not remains the question.

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