Damn Smartly Genius NIKE Campaign!

Sport challenge campaign by Nike between the two mortal enemies bound to live together for as long as the human race continues. Men & Women. Who runs more? I’m glad to say so far we’re doing great. The campaign Nikeplus (make sure to watch the ad there) is to promote the new set of iPod accessories from Nike. See the video below for more about the gadgets.

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  • maryam

    I didn’t see the details yet, but I’m assuming I get a gadget that logs my KMs and then I upload it to Nike??

    Just a thought, countries with our tremendous weather, should triple their score, just because ;)

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    maryam: Yes, but it connects wireless the shoes to the device. That’s one thing smart. The challenge idea is what will boost things. See the ad on their site to know what I mean. This could really hit a tipping point :)

    Kuwait: Not sure if score is per location. It would be more fun if it’s worldwide.

  • http://mbhtech.blogspot.com MBH

    Of course men would *run* more! Have you been around women during PMS? HORRIBLE!

  • http://lisaschaos.com/ lisa’s chaos

    Pretty funny! I’m not a runner but I love ipod and Nike. :)

  • maryam

    Men scored higher most probably because they are gadgets maniacs ;P Women have less tendencies to go for such things, but will in time …

    Bashar, how about it logs the weather, temperature, humidity, dust particles, and have an algorithm that takes all this in consideration ;) running 10 meters in Kuwait will surpass running 100 in Europe ;P

    Do you think we’ll find it here in Kuwait? If it’s not that expensive, maybe I’ll consider one for my workouts

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    MBH: OK, I wouldn’t go this deep, although it could tie scores with percentage adjustment.

    lisa’s chaos: It simply pushes me to run :)

    maryam: Ohh but here you’re counting geeks who usually don’t leave home! Take that into account.

    I think you can find it in stores like Go Sport at extremely high rates. It’s challenging I wanna get one my self. Except I have some constant pain in legs when running on hard surface. I’m yet to find out why :/

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