Did you know Javascript could do that?

Chrome Experiments is a library of cool and complex javascript experiments that were made by people from all around the world, combined to show and test the browser capabilities, mainly Chrome in this case, but you can compare it to the other browsers. Here is one example that worked on my Firefox on Mac, but started flickering and working slowly as the Monster evolved.

Ofcourse, these experiments can only be truly fair if they’re hosted by a 3rd non-related party, or if it was made like a public community driven site. But it’s not, and while you can always submit complicated Chrome embarrassing Javascript experiments, you can never be sure Google will gladly post these Chrome failing experiments on their site. Still though, it’s a fun way to test different browsers.

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  • http://www.rayboy.org Rayboy

    coool….. i need to try this out. is it only chrome specific.

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    Rayboy: No, it should show you how your browser can handle complex javascripts.