Draw on your Google Docs

Google Docs and it’s other office collections just keep getting better, I just need a project management tool on top of it to fully replace Zoho and Basecamp. Google Docs have just added Drawing tools to their list of features, using SVG, the XML-based file format for describing two dimensional vector graphics, and no Flash or any other component.

Drawing is reachable from Insert -> Drawing menu, and happens on a pop-up window on top of current one, where you can use shapes, draw lines, change color, width and more. I didn’t like it howver while drawing I had to reselect the Scribble tool after drawing each line. Should stay on previous selection I guess for ease of drawing. Was it smooth otherwise? Fast, easy? On Google Chrome at least (Yes, I got it back!), You bet it was! Just like a regular desktop app, you get to select the items, reformat them, Undo and more. Give it a try, you won’t regret it… Unless if you’re using IE maybe ;).

Another feature that is added is the ability search and replace all occurances of specific text, and you can even use regular expressions if you like.

[via LifeHacker]

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  • http://deera-chat.com Ali Deera Chat

    those are good tools but man they have along way to go to reach the very basic levels of Office

    even the open office stuff … it is no match … and yeah no matter what people say about Microsoft … I HEART WINDOWS AND OFFICE … screw apple

  • http://blogallalong.com/ Bashar

    Ali Deera Chat: I agree Microsoft Office still outperforms others, and Open Office did not appeal to me to be honest. But for an online tool, allowing me to share my document, I’m really starting to use it more and more as I move along. Man, it opens faster than local Word app sometimes.

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