Interview with Charlie Miller, the guru of Pwn2Own Hacking Contest

Read this interview with Charlie Miller, the guy who took down a fully patched MacBook Air last year in 2 minutes!, and the one who hacked the Safari/Macbook this year in seconds, blaming the app, not the OS! The same guy however, in another article by ZDNet, is quoted for saying Macs are likely less secured than Windows for the lack of interest and are yet more preferred now for the same reason as a safer operating system for normal users over Windows.

A nice quote from the interview I take is the note on how quickly they manage to hack into systems the Hollywood style, saying about it:

“Charlie: Yes, I took down the Mac in under a minute each time. However, this doesn’t show the fact that I spent many days doing research and writing the exploit before the day of the competition. It only looks Hollywood because you don’t see the hard work in the preparation. If you set me down in front of an application I’ve never seen before and told me I have 2 minutes to hack it, as is often the case in movies, I’d have no more luck than your grandma at accomplishing it. Well, maybe a littlemore of a chance, but not much!”

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  • Mahbob

    how long he toke to hack vista ?

    video link interview :

    thanks bashar ;)

  • Q8GEEK

    At the last year Pwn2Own, it took Vista 10 hours maybe to be taken down if I recall correctly…

  • MBH

    “It’s a Unix system! I know this!” — 9 year old girl from Jurassic Park

  • Bashar

    Mahbob: Thanks. That’s last year’s. Sorry I’ve been sick couldn’t get back earlier. Two days of mobile light internet usage only :/

    Q8GEEK: Dont recall really. 10 hours is good I guess for something like Vista, also hard to believe ;)

    MBH: Really? I gotta see the movie again. Been ages since I last saw it.

  • maryam

    so there goes the famous movie line “I found a back door” after a sec of accessing a system ;P

  • Bashar

    maryam: Wanna star in it? Speaking of suck movies, AntiTrust remains the best in my opinion.

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