Google Chrome Backup Application

For Chrome users, you may really like this tool to backup your Chrome profile, settings, bookmarks, and history, easily restorable then. Also useful if you use Chrome over multiple PCs.

PS: If you have Google Chrome, play with this neat Gravity Experiment.

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  • maryam

    it’s awesome, too bad it’s only for the home page and the links still work ;P

    6ab3an I tried it on firefox the things only fall down, I can mess around with them and on IE8 the things disappear, fall down in a bottomless browser ;P

  • maryam

    I mean I can not mess around with them on firefox ;P

    You should have the edit comment feature ;P

  • Bashar

    maryam: I thought Chrome would be smart to give examples where they’re the best ;)

    That edit comment comes at extra $3/month. You wanted to know more about my online plans right? :P

  • MacaholiQ8

    I think it’s possible to backup Safari settings but it’s not a “one-click” method rather than having to copy Safari preferences from Library Preferences

  • Bashar

    MacaholiQ8: I’m sure there is a way for Safari after all this time, just never thought about it :)