Is This Your Luggage?

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OK, this is quite odd. The owner of has the weirdest hobby of buying auctioned unclaimed travel luggage, and photos them as well as the stuff inside them, saying “It’s a little odd but not as odd as stamp collecting.”. He also says he would love to find the real owners of the unclaimed luggage, which is why he made the site. Could be true, but unless I have somethig real valuable in there, I don’t think I would want to reach out for someone who posted about my missing underwear in public to help me find it!


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  • Morbid Curiosity

    I’m with you, its kinda creep to go through other people’s luggage for a hobby :s

  • Bashar

    Morbid Curiosity: Yeah pretty much :)

  • weeknds

    weee3 la3at chabdi
    enshalla alla ma yableeni bhal ashkal!!

  • MBH

    Dirty underware… wai3.

    One bag had male clothes, a bikini and a nurse’s outfit…… I tried to imagine what could happen but I can’t!!

  • Bashar

    weeknds: Yeah, sorry but it was too weird to miss.

    MBH: You have a tendency to overthink some stuff :P. I stopped when I started having this thought!

  • MBH

    Can’t help it :p

  • Shaymaa

    “It’s a little odd but not as odd as stamp collecting.”


  • Bashar

    MBH: I noticed that as well :P

    Shaymaa: Yeah that’s what he thinks. I hope he’s not an influence on others as well :/